200 Bombdocs off to the Stan,says Cyclops.


MP backs more Afghanistan troops
Patrick Mercer
Commanders have asked for extra troops for two years, says Mr Mercer

Sending more UK troops to Afghanistan could save lives, Conservative MP Patrick Mercer has said.

His comments came after the prime minister announced plans suggesting a greater role for British troops, during a surprise visit to the country.

Mr Mercer, a former soldier, saw Gordon Brown's announcement as a pledge to send more British personnel.

He said his former regiment was in Afghanistan "and they tell me that the secret to this is extra manpower."

Speaking in Helmand province, Mr Brown pledged greater protection for troops from roadside bombs and better equipment, including more armoured vehicles.

He announced plans for the British to train another 50,000 Afghan troops trained by November 2010, which would enable them to "take more responsibility for their own affairs".

Improvised devices

Mr Mercer said: "For at least the last two years, commanders on the ground have been asking for extra troops. That was denied by the government.

Mr Brown said there would be more unmanned surveillance aircraft

"I don't quite know why Gordon Brown only now is announcing this.

"With the extra manpower that is now being promised, perhaps so many lives wouldn't have been lost over the last few months."

The BBC's deputy political editor, James Landale, who was in Helmand with the prime minister, said training that number of Afghans so quickly could require an increase in the number of British troops.

There are currently 9,000 UK troops in the country, mostly in Helmand.

Mr Brown said another 200 soldiers skilled in countering improvised explosive devices (IEDs) would be deployed in the autumn.

There would also be more unmanned surveillance aircraft, he said.

The latest death in Afghanistan - a Royal Marine killed on foot patrol in Helmand early on Saturday morning - was announced as the prime minister was flying home.

He is the 208th member of the UK forces to have died in Afghanistan since 2001.

Brig Gen Eric Tremblay, spokesman for the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf), said the Royal Marine had "sacrificed his life to help secure Afghans living in the south".

"Like all his fellow Isaf comrades who fell before him in this difficult fight to separate the insurgents from the Afghan population, we shall always remember him."


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Apart from that, I reiterate the point I always make - the problems of shortage of equipment, manpower, helicopters, etc, etc, are solely and simply down to one man - Gordon Brown - due to his activities as Chancellor for so many years, and later PM. He is personally responsible for the current situation, no-one else.

I find it extrenely hard to restrain my contempt for this creature.
I think you have made the mistake of thinking gordon brown actually cares if these additional guys get deployed. All he wants is a good soundbite, because he knows by the time it is obvious that they are not going to appear, the press will have forgotten, of the situation will be so muddied that no-one can tell.

Anyone remember blair saying that commanders in AFG will get everyting they ask for? that didn't happen and brown knows full well that his latest promises won't happpen. (although if it does become an issue in the media, the government will simply order the re-classification of certain groups (AT?) to include them in his promise, and use opsec to prevent any verification.)
depot_donkey said:
Broon is a c*nt!
Well,they'll probably rope the RAF & Navy EOD teams into this too,cant be more than *** in the RAF although only SNCO's & Officers do Man1 duties. (or did when I was in)
However considering that the main duties of RAF EOD was disposal of enemy air dropped munitions & terrorist IED's was the secondary post,I can see a lot more fatalities if this does happen.
(I did my RAF EOD course in 1998 so thing's moved on a bit since then tho)
Are these 200 EOD bods, actaully going to be true extra? Or is the cunt doing another of his double counting :roll:

As OldSnowy rightfully asked:

OldSnowy said:
I'm a bit wary of talking numbers when it comes to EOD personnel, as it skirts quite closely to the line of "Capability"...
depot_donkey said:
I'm a bit wary of talking numbers when it comes to EOD personnel, as it skirts quite closely to the line of "Capability"...
That's a fair point, I was just wondering if these are truly extra, knowing what a devious, lieing one-eyed wichser he really is!
Without going into capability and OPSEC issues Cyclop's 200 figure is only a half statement in any event. Are we sending 200 in one go? Will they be rotated? Is it a total over x years or what? 200 bodies on the ground of any description might imply 5 times that number in toto at least. Again without going into OPSEC most people who served somewhere know how long it takes to train guys for this type of work and broadly speaking have an idea of our current numbers. This is vintage Brown. It is a smoke and mirrors job with no substance. And due to OPSEC there will never be any accountability on delivery or the lack thereof.
Maybe Brown wants to rope a few ESO's (im one of them) to put a bit of PE on top of suspected IED and bang, job done! :wink:
Presumably, anyone who's A Qual will be counted as "qualified to dispose of munitions".

I can just see Platoon Commanders and Sergeants having to lug a dems box about with them as well as everything else.
Compulsory call up of the TA, perhaps.
depot_donkey said:
whitecity said:
Compulsory call up of the TA, perhaps.
TA don't do IEDD!
There used to be a regiment based out of Grantham. Have they gone to the place in the sky where old regiments hang up their colours?

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