200(20 Armdbde)Signal Squadron Reunion October 2007

Former members of 200(20Armdbde)Sigsqn are holding their annual reunion in October this year, this is the fifth annuall reunion on the back of four previous ones...

It is mainly guys who served in Detmold around the early 80's till the unit moved to Paderborn in the 90's... although all are welcome to attend..

The reunion is being held in the UK and for those interested they can pm me via here for further details, alternatively the details are on the 200sigsqn site for those that are already members of the group..

In the interests of PERSEC no details will be posted on this open forum..

If anyone knows of anyone that served with the unit either at Detmold or Paderborn all be it Sigs, Engrs, RTC, Pioneer etc etc that were attached to the unit via 20bde give them the details to contact me on here...


Martin Avins
I had a great time in Detmold (91- 92) - in the Ops room! Cracking team around me and 2 troops of excellent blokes (and of course a cracking set of girls in the Commcen!)! Much fun.......

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