200 (20 Armd Bde) Signal Squadron

Hi All,

Anyone presently serving with 200 Sigs in Germany pse PM me. Or for that matter anyone who has a 200 Sigs plaque they are willing to part with.

Many Thanks

oldbloke said:
Got a 20 Armd Bde HQ & Sig Sqn one c1977 but you ain't having it. :blowkiss:
same here mate why didn't you get one when leaving?
the mighty 200 was the best unit i have ever served at :thumright:
Got a 11 armoured bde & signal sqn one, which is better than your 20 bde one and no you cant have it
When I left 200 we didnt get plaques, I got a nice little pewter 436, tends to fall off the wall though when you hang it next to the plaques.... :scratch:

Besides I wasn't army barmy enough to buy one when I was in !


PS Anyone who IS willing to part with one, let me know...

Simply put... only when I left did I start to realise the full value of serving with the great bunch of blokes I did. A plaque would add to the happy memories.

You could always put it down to getting older and going senile....

la299uk said:
Ian your not getting mine you tight tw@t :D

Oh I'm not tight (well not much) I'm happy to pay for one.....

I'm sure i could have a more suitable response if only I could remember someone with the intials LA....

Middle age sucks.....

Beats me.... :salut:
Detmold or Padderborn?

I was at both from '90 to '94

Have you thought about getting in touch with the museum? Would have thought that they may have some on mail order.

Or you can visit the 200 Sigs site on MSN groups one of the guys there may be able to help out.

200 Sigs MSN

Hope that helps.

Left 91 though. Also spent most of that last year working in the medical centre though...

Have tried both your suggestions, corps museum, pri and the 200 Sigs site. One of the guys on the msn group has promised he'll send me one on but hasnt quite got round to it. I've also written to the sqn in Paderborn but have not recieved a reply. Some one kindly provided me with the phone number (You know who you are and thanks again) so thats the next step when I get chance.

Cheers for now

Sharpey you get sorted with the Plaque..??

LA he should remember you ok.. he was there with me in 87-88 ish... although he's been shy on the reunions...lol

Civvy for 20 odd years and now you want a regimental plaque? Seriously??

Please tell me civvy street really isn't that shit that you start trawling t'interweb for crap memorabilia?

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