200,000 lost asylum seekers may stay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. So where have they got to then????

    Definition of New Labour Immigration Policy:- Ooooops!
  2. No surprise there then.
  3. Quel surprise!
  4. Perhaps, eventually, maybe, somebody will think of tracing them via benifits & the tax system - nobody stays on the 'black' for 15 years.

    Or perhaps we can assume that these are deserving cases and instead we export 200 000 of our long term benefit claimants out into Africa via the VSO for a four year tour, invigorating rural Africa’s self confidence by dispelling any myths about the white man.
  5. ID-cards would resolve the problem nicely.
  6. ID cards are not the answer, a properly organized and disciplined system in the appropriate government department headed by a person with more than two or three working brain cells is the answer!
  7. How ?
  8. If we lost them in the first place, it must follow that we don't know where they are now. If we dont know where they are now, how in fcuks name can we tell whether they have stayed or not? Damn silly if you ask me!

    As for Immigration policy we have a good one. Come here, work for peanuts, commit crime, claim social benefits, have a cigar..........meanwhile under Waterloo Bridge are a hundred ex-servicemen who have been f*ucked off by "right on" councils, who cant get a job, social housing and benefits.

    Look after your own first.
  9. We can't have that! What will happen to the immigration industry, all of the legal aid lawyers, the translators dealing with multiple claims from the same people, the DSS cons who claim at different offices, the multiple NI numbers scam, the cash in hand boys, the identity theft guys who steal your credit card details, the illegal drivers who give false details and the fact it may reveal how many people are actually IN this country!
  10. Fkn W@NKERS - it makes my hate for the FKRS run through my blood even faster.

    Lets start slotting the fkrs. FAST.

  11. "If we lost them in the first place, it must follow that we don't know where they are now."

    They haven't lost them - their applications are in a neat pile in Croydon ready for the word. All those Balti chefs imported for £10.000 down and then replaced with a new intake every 3 months.......I am surprised the Home Office doesn't simply sell the work permits in bulk....oops....Keith Vaz used to be at the Home Office i/c immigration from The Raj....and his wife is an immigration lawyer.......what Troy must have looked like after they unpacked the horse
  12. Remember:

    200,000 is the number of failed asylum seekers still in the UK that the Home Office think they may never trace.

    450,000 is the number of failed asylum seekers still in the UK.

    ?,???,??? is the number of illegal immigrants who never bothered to apply for asylum on arrival and who are also 'at large' in this country.

    What the fcuk has the Home Office been doing for the past 10 years?
  13. Ok .... so WHAT else have they announced today, hidden behind this startling (not) news.....

    The sooner this bunch are out the better, this is getting beyond a joke.
  14. Unfortunately its too late now snapper, Enoch died years ago. Here in Lincolnshire were infested with immigrants and soon there'll be riots on a big scale.

    Some people claim they're doing good for our country and businesses working where Brits don't want too. What they never say though is - all the fkn family that come over too - granny, grandad and all the fkn rug rats they bring with them. They don't work do they but they claim social.

    Sorry, gunna have to go as I'm getting myself wound up with the cnuts.

    BT. :x
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I am fortunate to live in a country that demands i have an ID card, I don't have to carry it on me but if i get picked up then a quick P-Check and I'm allowed to walk or get chucked in jail awaiting the next flight. No employer will come near me unless i can prove id and no firm will sell me a pay-as-you-go mobile or rent me any accomodation without seeing the ID card. No bank account, nothing (wages MUST be paid interbank for tax reasons). Not having a card prevents living. Sure there are ways around it but none that are financially worthwhile or conducive to a decent standard of living. Employers, found employing me without an ID get find HUGE sums and so are very careful.

    It is the answer as long as its backed up by proper legislation forcing the country to work to it.

    I also cannot imagine that in these days of mass death terrorism that anyone wouldn't want an ID card.. I mean duh!

    As for the 200,000... If they draw a line under the 450,000 and say THATS IT. I would be much happier than letting in 200,000 and still not stopping the influx...