20 Years Since Greenham Common closed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dark_Nit, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. Worked there as a contractor and remember paras having pick axe staves with condoms on winking at the girls through the wire. or was that Mildenhall. either ither.
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  2. In the 80's I was part of a convoy of RCT trucks taking defence supplies into Greenham. The idea was to go in under the cover of night after the unwashed had bedded down. However due to the Army policy of being 5 minutes before 5 minutes before 5 minutes we got there at tea time in the day light, when the great unwashed were up and about creating havoc. Needless to say the TVP, MoD Plod, American Base Police etc were well impressed with our early arrival and the ensuing fun and games.

    However as we were early and no accommodation was available the Troopy allowed those who had relatives living nearby to have the evening off as the unloading was not due to the next day. Most of the troops stay on camp and dossed down in the truck cabs. One of the lads who had relatives nearby shared a taxi with a couple of mates and he dropped them at a local pub whilst he visited his reli's.

    He picked them up later in the evening and his mates were both chuffed to NAAFI brakes as they has scored with some 'Hippy Chick Student' types in the pub.

    A few weeks later on sick parade the two lucky lads were found to have the clap and further investigations established the two 'Hippy Chick's' were loosely associated with the Peace Camp.

    Both the Lucky Lads were unofficially awarded by the Troop the VD & SCAR for the 'Battle Of Greenham Common'.

    The Troopy had some explaining to do.
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