20 Years Since Greenham Common closed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dark_Nit, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. I lived & worked in the area in the early 80s when it was all kicking off properly.

    I spent many happy hours sat in the queue on the A339 waiting for the plods to remove the "women" who would be on one of their periodic hate fests.

    The many faces of Greenham Common - BBC News

    I was sorry to see it close, I went to the last ever GC air show and had a few mates who worked on the base in various capacities, as well as knowing a few of the yanks.

    In hindsight, did the cruise missiles make us safer or more vulnerable?
  2. Well nothing kicked off so I guess it worked.
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  3. Have any of the "wimmin" involved had a wash yet?
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  4. Don't be silly
  5. Not sure about them making the population safer or more vulnerable,but it's done a number on one of my neighbors. He worked for Litton Industries developing and building the guidance system for the cruise missile in the 80's and like many other former employees, is now enjoying various forms of rare cancer types. He still stands firmly in the belief that building and deploying them was a necessity.
  6. To the tune of Lili Marlene

    Sag mir wo die unreinlich Lezzers sind
    Wo sind sie geblieben
  7. Didn't Alan Titchmarsh do a bit on Greenham Common on The Nature of Britain ten years ago? It's a bat sanctuary (with glow-in-the-dark bats?). Or was that another abandoned Cold War site.
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Never to be forgotten interview with one of the great unwashed. "We won't let them out of the gates. The only way they'll leave the site is if they fly them out."

    No irony at all in the fact that had they been flown out, peace had failed and the wimmin would themselves be glass in a few minutes.
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  9. Hmm. Imminent nuclear war, decision is taken to deploy the missiles to hide locations. And a regiment of lesbians think they're going to hold back that deployment by linking arms?

    "Ladies, we are about to deploy from this location. My orders are to use lethal force if necessary to accomplish our mission. You are ordered to disperse immediately. We are prepared to shoot if we have to. Jimbo over there on the '60, he was mowing down gooks in Vietnam on a daily basis. He's not going to miss. Now, please, disperse, or you are going to die, right here, in a few minutes. Either way, we're deploying."
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  10. They my we'll have done, but they'll still be pig ugly!
  11. I had to return some canoes to Greenham Common on a canoe trailer thingy in the 80's. Got buttonholed by some smelly dykes who asked, "Why do you want to kill our Children?" My colleague said, "I have a thing about canoeing people to death. Pay attention to detail love, those things on the trailer are not f*****g cruise missiles" I thought it was funny.
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  12. Say what you like, the ones I met gave us lovely herbal cookies quite regularly.
    My girlfriend at the time had a brother who was a journo for one of the nationals.I was paid every week for info about the timing of one of the missile convoys leaving the site.That went on for months until the editor put a stop to it.It eventually dawned on him that I had nothing to offer other than made up rumours and info of when the convoy had returned to the base.
    Very hospitable Yanks as well.4th July barbecues with Capt Charles T.B. and his gang - dustbins full of ice and tinned 'beer' and soda,hotdogs,burgers and very friendly females who "just loved" our accents......and the nurse who liked to wear a respirator whilst I gave her a full medical examination.......
    Oh happy days.
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  13. Urban myth has it that there were in fact no cruise missiles, no nuclear weapons, Maggie and Ron's idea to wind up the Russians. The flights in and out were resupply of Hershey bars, New York pizza and bottled piss called Miller lite. Outward flights were loaded with Cheddar cheese, Indian take away and local chav slappers up the duff by members of the US air farce.
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  14. It gave hippies a sense of purpose in the 80s. Nowadays such people can only lurk on the internet reporting Facebook pages they don't like and demanding that some woman nobody's ever heard of get her pic on a tenner.
  15. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I cannot comment on Greenham Common, but RAF Alconbury was a cruise missile support base for Molesworth (iirc). Zero Alpha's mother was head of the parish council. She had a good working relationship with the head honcho at the top of the hill. As long they didn't try and take heavy vehicles over the humpback bridge. She also regularly bothered to point out to him that the streets were narrow anyway and they weren't likely to get them up the hill through village anyway.

    There were regular exercises. They quickly discovered that the cruise missile launchers were far too wide to cross the humpback bridge and eventually they stopped trying. Didn't stop them trying to cross the stream 200m downstream via the ford. Which had never been designed for HGVs (they didn't flex enough at the articulation either, and they also got stuck).

    Apparently calling the Base Commander via his personal phone number to tell him that the latest cruise missile launcher was stuck in the ford simply became a five second call. He stopped asking how she knew when she passed on the VRN, recorded by a member of the parish council who had eyes on the ford.
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