20 UK terror attacks being planned in Pakistan says Broon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Yeh and Iraq can deploy WMD in 45 minutes.
    There may well be 20 terrorist attacks being planned by people of Pakistani origin but I would imagine they are actually being planned in Bradford or Birmingham rather than in Pakistan itself.
    Wasn't the planning for the Glasgow Airport one done in Liverpool?
    Oh sorry, was that racist?
  2. It was planned from a house a couple of miles away from the airport in Paisley.
  3. Your first line sums up it all: the war with Pakistan is a done deal, and so dear leaders are prepping public opinion.
  4. Are you serious about a war in Pakistan?
  5. The question should be: is Obama serious? He's already threatend to hit AQ/Taliban targets within Pakistan if the Pakis don't act against them.
  6. Sh*tting myself in fear, so I am. With such a flawless track record, one can only hope we conquer terror before terror conquers us.
  7. http://itn.co.uk/

    13.24 Sun Dec 14 2008

    "Three quarters of the most serious terrorist plots being investigated by the UK authorities are linked to Pakistan, Gordon Brown has said.

    The Prime Minister said it was "time for action not words" in tackling the issue as he emerged from talks with Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari."

    "There is a chain of terror that comes from the Pakistani and Afghan mountains right to across Europe and can end up very easily on the streets of Britain," said Mr Brown, standing alongside President Hamid Karzai at a Kabul press conference.

    "British people are safer today because we have our troops working with the Afghan people to act against terror."
  8. This isn't stopping us sending millions of pounds out to Pakistan for little obvious reason, though, is it? :roll:
  9. This overweight lump would know?

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  10. While we're about it, local government should get a kick up the arrse too. Perhaps local authorities could put their funding and our own anti terror laws and paraphernalia to the use they were installed for, instead of filming paper boys and householders. RIPA should be limited to the security services and the police and not the army of little Hitlers that exist in councils throughout the land.
  11. so, which our hard won freedoms are they planning to take away now?

    Hermann Goring
  12. Ahh fair enough.
    I seem to remeber one them lived in Liverpool is all.
    Matters not really, you get the point about it not being plotted in Islamabad but closer to home.
  13. Indeed I do get your point. Home grown terrorism is a very real problem. I'm pretty sure they all worked in Liverpool together at some time in their career but they certainly plotted it from a quiet little housing estate in Paisley.
  14. Plotted here, but IIRC correctly, the 7/7 lot were trained in Pakistan. It's only the wannabes who try to build bombs out of cans of petrol and lightbulb filiments that are 100% domestic.