20 shiney new pence

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ghost_Rider, Jul 10, 2005.

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  1. 20p to the person who can tell us what it is going to be like here for the next few weeks whilst the Slug has no ARRSE!

    Ghost :lol:
  2. you mean......no slug......?
  3. Slime-less?

    20p! Just think. 20 whole penny sweets!

    [Do I win it?]
  4. It will be like an Army Rumour network and not like an episode of Bad Girls or Prisoner Cell Block H as it sometimes appears presently.

    Whens Brian Blessed calving?

    Do they have interweb access in Veterinary College nowadays? One hopes not.

    (Whilst the pair of them are away, lets move Arrse, lock, stock and barrel somewhere else :wink: shhhh)
  5. Has she been banned? suspended? not paid the HP on her PC? In hospital having her fingers de nicotined?, at the dentists cleaning her teeth?

    Whats happened?
  6. Yep, a whole week or two sans Escargot

    [No!] :lol: