20 round 5.56 Mags

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by thecoops, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. I'm not sure if is the right place to ask but can you get 20 rnd 5.56 mags in the UK that fit a sa80 as I'm deploying next year and thought This was a good idea.

    before i get slated its only an idea.
  2. You get 20 rnd mags, for the L22 Carbine, - NSN B4 1005-12-362-0486
  3. Wouldn't a mag of 30 tracer do the job? 20 round mags are available and most should fit but it doesn't follow that they will all be reliable. I suppose you can test some and see how they run.

    Southern Gun Company carry a lot of AR15 stuff.
  4. Since when did having less rounds in your mag become favourable???
  5. Just get a 30rd mag and paint it a different colour?
  6. when the rounds were bigger...

  7. Oh no, here we go............when a rifle was a real weapon yaddayadda

    Can anyone else smell stale pish? Has an old person just wheeled themself in the room??
  8. Lets all carry RARDENs then :p
  9. cheers for the help but im going off the idea i think i mite fill one ofthese's with tracer !
  10. I wouldn't bother it won't fit on the weapon. :)
  11. Dont hold your breath, clear plastic shoite mags are on their way. Even after the cannucks had them and binned them beacause of too many stoppages 8O
  12. Yeah but it would be good if not heavy : ) buy the way it would not for the same reason as mag couplers cocking handle/mag release
  13. fcuk you smudge67!

    Is the '67' ref the year you were born? Auld cnut.... :D
  14. Actually, no it's not :)
  15. It's his IQ :D