20 pence coins worth "£50"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SamS, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Sixty

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  2. Sorry, I did search! 8O
  3. I found 5 so I changed them for a pound coin. Bargain.
  4. Sounds about right for the value of the 'Clown' Brown's currency. The frantic oaf having wrecked the economy for twelve years. Yes, £50 'Brown' pounds for twenty new pence sounds about right.

    If the government's Propaganda Department (BBC Radio 4) is to be believed, then the Scottish twerp is still in No. 10 and announcing yet more re-hashed 'plans' to worsen even further the debt of the nation - probably garner a few votes from the brain-dead though!

    When will the 'men in white-coats' appear and take him away?
  5. £50 my ARRSE, ----- Try £200 + on E-bay, (even at this early stage.) Things like this become very valued in years to come!!
  6. Was on the news today some company bought one for £5k