20 Minute Skills Lessons

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Spr_og, May 31, 2011.

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  1. Anyone got any decent ideas for military based skills lessons.

    We're throwing some ideas around for what lessons to give our students on an upcoming DIT package and quite frankly the ones we've come up with so far are either pretty gash or involve to much theory aswell to include in a twenty minute skills.

    Tying laces, Folding a map etc are all well and good but we're just trying to be a bit creative and get credit for all your ideas!!

  2. I did stripping and assembling a pen.
  3. Taking compass bearings and using that to determine a grid reference. Could work in 20 minutes...
  4. Wrap birthday presents.

    Military based? A model kit would make a nice present...
  5. the importance of nice shiny boots.....and how to maintain them
  6. Both of those are ideal for a 20 minute brief. A surprisingly large amount of people struggle even if they are SMEs on a certain subject, they either rattle through most of it in ten minutes and then try to drag it out or waffle for 20 minutes and don't even get half way through their brief.
    Its one of those courses where it doesnt matter how well you do (Unless you are after a recomendation to be an instructor) so long as you pass. Glasgow will only ever know that you passed the course come SJAR time, not how interesting your talk was.
  7. How to pack a bergan? Sometimes ends up in a discussion about what goes where and in what order, and how long are we out for?

    Night navigation or celestial navigation. Finding north without a compass even if overcast? (Clue: Clarke belt)

    Night vision. Rods and cones. Physiology. Other colours of light and there uses. Movement of stationary objects you stare at if there is no frame of reference. Red dot on a black background
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    restraint and breakaway techniques
  9. The perfect roast potato a-la Delia.
  10. Is there anything you are not an SME on?
  11. No. ........................
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  13. Err this is a "skills" lesson right? If you just rattle through it in ten minutes and waffled for the rest I hope YOU failed as thats just shit! Explination, Demonstration, Immitation & Practice! If your responsible for any training god help us all!
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