20 Jan: ANA soldier kills 4 French soldiers in Tagab RC-EAST

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by fantassin, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Is there an English link to the story???Looks like same kind of situation the Gren Guards had where Matty Telford, RSM and his lads were murdered.
  2. I have not found any link in English yet as this news is still very recent.
  3. RIP

    Does make you wonder about the reliability of the ANA, even if 95% are OK the fact that every now and then a number of alllied troops are murdered by one person does not bode well for the present or future.
    Quis custodiet ipso custodiens?
  4. It is now on the BBC web site but not too much detail at the moment
  5. Google auto translated it as follows

    Afghanistan: a shooting at Tagab has killed four French soldiers (updated)
    An Afghan soldier opened fire this morning in the district of Tagab of French soldiers, making, according to Afghan sources, four dead and 17 wounded. The information comes from several local sources. The shooting would be held during a joint operation in Kapisa and the author of the fatal shootings have been stopped.

    ISAF has released (9.30 French) a statement reporting a shooting in eastern Afghanistan and the arrest of the author of the shots. EMA does not confirm any information at present, the official procedure is to prevent families and leave the Elysee Palace announced the sad news.

    The shooting follows the death of two of the second REG legionnaires killed in late December, for an ANA soldier in the same area (see my post of Dec. 29 by clicking here ).

    26 French soldiers died in Afghanistan in 2011. 78 will have fallen since 2004. So these are 82 French soldiers were killed on the Afghan theater of operations.
  6. RIP french soldiers :-(

    They got the shooter? Alive? This would be good, maybe some backround people can be caught!!
  7. FRA defence minister on his way to Kabul...more to follow, expect some major knee jerk reaction 4 months before presidential elections in France.

    Sad on all accounts.

    Edit: Sarko has just announced that all FRA combat and training Ops in Afghanistan were frozen for the time being. INS must be chuffed to bits.
  8. So we train the Afghan Army up to fight like the British and they immediately start killing the French. Proud day indeed!
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  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    The French Army has had their version of OMLT in Kapisa for some years.... French Army-trained ANA shooting Frenchmen.

    Rest in peace fellers - and a swift recovery to the 16 others who were injured.

    With an election due, if not Sarko himself then one of his rivals will doubtless jump on the bandwagon and step up calls for France to leave them to it....

    Le Monde piece this morning :
    Paris suspend ses opérations en Afghanistan après la mort de quatre soldats - LeMonde.fr
  10. Shocking news. Rest in Peace to those who have lost their lives. My condolences to their families. I wish a speedy recovery to the wounded.

    If the perpetrator has been caught alive, please feel free to cut his balls off if you have to if it helps you to catch those who put him up to it!
  11. Not very nice, but it did make me laugh.
  12. Reposer en paix.

  13. Unfortunately he will be treated with kid gloves and if any slight retaliation all the do gooders will be up in arms at the poor treatment he receives and he will then be the victim in all this.
  14. Again Very Sad News... Rest in peace guys

    Hope they catch the Bastard...