$20 billions were stolen in Russia by alleged American spy



Putin - idiot, ex-KGB spy, former president, now a PM.

Medvedev - ugly dwarf, Putin's lap dog, so called "president"

Gromov - a general, former commander of Soviet troops in Afghanistan, now a governor of Moscow area.

Kuznetsov - a crook with dual Russian/USA citizenship (though he hid his American citizenship).


Mr.Kuznetsov was (until recently) a first deputy of Moscow region Governor and a ninister of finance of Moscow government. As a result of his activity $20 billions "missed". He used a firm belonged to his wife (also American citizen). The firm is affiliated with some firms controlled by the CIA.

Two idiots - mssrs.Putin and Medvedev were informed by FSB that mr.Kuznetson could be an American spy. But they try now to silence the story. s for general Gromov then there are rumours that he could be sent to Ukraine as an ambassador.

Btw, recently mr,Kuznetson was see in an expensive French ski resort. There were a lot of Russian officials, MPs and even one FSB General. They jocked that mr.Kuznetsov could be captured and sent to Mosocw by one of their private planes.

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