20 Armd Brigade? Any good?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by AlarmClock, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi folks. Looking for a posting to Germany and quite like the idea of 20 Armd,

    Anyone got an opinion on whats the place like?
  2. Got a mate at 20 and to be honest he says it's pump but that's just one persons view. 7 armd is a good posting if you don't mind being in the sticks.
  3. depends if your singly or not. germanys mint if your single and only slightly worse if your married.
  4. Germany, big place just east of france, handy if u wanna invade poland!
  5. Bull 140.....I like your style. Did anyone hear of the SSM 1 squadron at ATR Bassingbourne in 1998 who wrote a 40 page dossier on his military stance on invading france? I heard that It was a complete strategic breakdown of the situation. It must have done hime some good because I saw him 2 years later as a WO1 and he told his regiment that the rumour was true and he posted it to the Home Office! Now that is what I call a massive pair of swingers. Anyone else hear the same as what I heard.
    Infact, does anyone even like french people full stop!!!!

    Im not prejudice......i hate everyone!!!!
  6. I've heard that, apparantly he was going to invade from germany, they would never expect it again.
  7. Ok great. Does it mean 20 Armd is only good if i want to invade France. ANyone got any receant experience?
  8. They are on Exercise at the moment fella. When they get back I'll get some info fm someone who is there for you.
  9. No it means arrse is no good if you want a straight answer.
  10. Yep 'fraid so, word of mouth "bag of fkin shit!!!!!!". Unlucky fella.
  11. Fantastic! :D And yes, I love France, the food, wine and women. Forget all that stuff about them being hairy-pitted soap-dodgers, thats all in the past.
  12. You forgot garlic chomping surrender monkeys.
  13. I dont care about their lack of martial pedigree, as I say, its the food, wine, and women that interest me! :D
  14. You'rea sick sick man. The food is vile, the wine is full of antifreeze and ok it may be cheap but is it really worth giving them any sort of positive over, and the women, once they learn to shave they might be ok.
  15. Anybody want to buy a wardrobe?