20-20 World Cup

In case any of you hadn't noticed, there is a World Cup competition going on at the moment. The 20/20 World Cup taking place in the West Indies. So far, not causing too much excitement in this particular household although the NZ v Sri Lanka match got a bit exciting towards the end. Ireland put up a spirited bowling attack against the Windies at 138-9 but got let down by the batting and were all out for 68. Afghanistan played India this afternoon. No prizes for guessing who won that one. England, Aussies, S Africa haven't made an appearance yet. The crowds are doing their best to try and liven proceedings up but doesn't yet have the excitement generated by the recent IPL, even though that now looks like it was a financial disaster.
Sky Sports showing it.
Well worth the Sky fee for some Cricket whilst the Football season is still on!
Should be some cracking games coming up.
And most games are on after work!!
Not a bad batting performance........but its a good job Pakistan cant catch!
A team to be proud of...............superb,bring on the convicts!

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