20-20 Cricket

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The_IRON, Sep 12, 2007.

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  1. What a cracking game of cricket earlier and well done to Zimbabwe, if England can beat them the favourites will be out :D

    England should do well against Zimbabwe because the Zimbabwe lads will be out partying all night.

    So who do you think is going to win the 20-20 cup?
  2. Excellent game today against an extremely good fielding team in Zimbabwe. If we can beat the Ozzies tomorrow they'll be out the competition just like the Windies today. As long as England dont get beat by 49 runs by the Ozzies we'll be into the Super Eights. Any one watch the game today?
  3. Saw the game,been great Cricket so far in this tournament.Personally i'd scrap 50 over Cricket and have 20/20.Its been far better organised than the shambolic World Cup in the West Indies and the games have been far more exciting.The opener was a cracker and the Aussies getting beat by Zim was great.
    Good performance by England today,very professional and KP was brilliant.I'm v impressed though by Brendan Taylor,the Zim Keeper.Really good prospect for the future.Hopefully he'll have an England qualification somewhere!!
    As for tomorrow England are the favorites but after the World Cup and Ashes fiasco i'll still be wary.We should beat them though.
    My favorites for the tournament are South Africa.V powerful batting side and will be full of confidence after chasing down over 200 against the Windies.
    Looking forward to the game tomorrow!
  4. Not as good today against the Ozzies for us I was hoping for a decent total and put them under pressure. As long as they dont get the 136 in about 13 overs I think we'll be ok, but was hoping to knock them out of the competition. :(

    Edited to say if Australia get the 136 in 9 overs and three balls Zimbabwe would go through instead of England, Surely not :oops:
  5. Oh well, the tournament needed the Aussies! :D
    Perhaps KP would be wise to keep it zipped for the next stage!
    England are not a bad unit, but they will need to step up a gear or two to compete with the Aussies and S.Africa.
    Flintoff looked better with the bat today, but I am not convinced with Maddy and Prior at the top. Time to give Solanki a chance and I would also persevere with Luke Wright.
    Agree about the comparison with the WC - this is far better organised and has involved the "grass root" locals. It looks great fun - I wish I had a couple of weeks off work to get out there!
  6. It is good and a fun competition and I would open with Solanki and Maddy and Peiterson coming in at three, Flintoff before Collingwood (to steady things if needed) Wright, Mascuranous then Prior where he belongs.

    What has Prior done so far ?

    Bring back Anderson but impressed with Scolfields bowling so far.
  7. Us Jocks have a slim chance of qualifying, now wouldn't that put the cat amongst the pidgeons.!!!!!!!!!

    I do remember the day that Freuchie/Falkland C C, went to Lords and snotted you's at your own game. The cricket village cup, it was called. Fantastic day for us Scottish cricket fans.

    I still think England could go on to win this.

  8. I would love Pakistan to totally stuff India and let the Sweaty Socks :wink: through to the super eights. When it comes to English clubs and British teams playing sport I would always support them ahead of foreign teams. Good luck to them, they need it though :D
  9. Eh Chokinthechicken it could be going your way India are now 19-3 off 4.1 overs, if it keeps going like this Scotland could scrape it :D
  10. 36 for 4. C'mon Pakistan.
  11. Excellent finish to the India v Pakistan game and I thought the crowd were fantastic.
    I think both teams deserved to qualify after that game, but it is tough on Scotland. :(
    As for England, its set up for a cracking game against the South Africans tomorrow, but for Gods sake, can we please drop Prior down the order and bring in Solanki? Give Luke Wright another chance - no pressure!
  12. Australia looked awesome against the Tigers today and cracking game with New Zealand beating India. Its time for our big lads to come out and perform so come on lads lets show South Africa weve got some talent.
  13. Absolute shambles against South Africa!!
    After being in such a good position our fielding let us down big style,it was pathetic,
    And as for Sean Pollock deliberately tripping KP,Disgraceful!!!!
    I hate to say it but the Aussies look good now,Hayden is in awesome form!!!
  14. NZ now 31 for 4 against England, and Vikram Solanki has taken two catches. Who needs a specialist keeper!

    Edited to add 35 for 4 after 8 overs - just above 4 an over. Its going to take some pretty crap batting for England to lose this one! (Not beyond our capabilities, though...)
  15. Oops. I'd better shut the * up in future.

    England have just lost