2 yorks, weeton?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tmjns796, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. hi, im in the reme, and am bein posted with 2 yorks in weeton near preston.
    does any1 know what the accommodation is like? and generaly the area.
  2. I cannot tell you anything about the unit, but I'm from the area.
    You should consider yourself extremely lucky to be granted a posting to Lancashire, as they are the finest of humanity.

    Preston itself is a right shithole, and I've never spent any more time there than necessary. Not terrible for the old shopping, nights out are just dire.
    You'll be not far from Blackpool, and the nightlife delights on offer. If you go out, make the effort to avoid the usual hen party venues, there are some right gems to be discovered.

    Lancaster is very student-orientated but actually a very friendly place. I suppose it helps I went to school there and seem to know everybody, but it's a nice period city and a cracking night on't lash.
  3. Preston is an AMAZING night out, full of ladies who are 'easy to impress'. The accommodation is terrible however... If your an NCO at least you'll get your own room.

    Stay away from Blackpool, its full of chavs.
  4. Either you are bloody mental, or Preston has picked up considerably.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Weeton was a brand new camp in 1986, 4 man rooms and bunks. Carpets, kitchens and boot rooms. The training wing even had a weapon cleaning room. It wont be that nice still though, we left it pretty tired looking after 8 months of swamping mattresses! Pubs locally were either for the seniors or not worth bothering with. Pads were bussed in from nice places like Wharton! There were some pads next to the camp but mainly seniors.
    I enjoyed the short spell we spent in both the old and new camps, we were overseas most of the time!
  6. Am slightly biased but you can'll fall off being posted to 2 Yorks. A great bunch of blokes, just returned from Afghan and have an excellent esprite d'corps.

    As for the accm it's shite. Very basic and the camp isn't designed for a full infantry unit.

    Blacpool-avoid. Full of chavs and pikeys (so the battalion fit in well ha ha ha).

    Preston-worth a vist but has a high ethnic content.

    Enjoy your time there, 2 Yorks change with Lancs next year. If you are staying with 2 Yorks then you'll be off to Cyprus if not enjoy Lancashire.

  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    My bold, feck me have standards changed that much? in 1986 it was a Bn posting and coped well with the full strength Bn we had. We were airportable and kept CVRW and lots of helibedfords on camp!

    Deepdale in Preston is to be avoided unless you like football!
  8. Weeton is what you make of it.
    When i was there, most weekends people tried to make it a rapidly diminishing view in the rear view mirror.

    You're equi distant between Blackpool and Preston, but preston is better for a night out, mostly because bogging northerners are drawn like moths to flames by blackpool due to years of ingrained propaganda about donkey rides, it being better than skegness and the daft impression that is is some sort of "northern" riviera.

    There are good reasons why Blackpool is the 12th poorest area in UK, has 8 times the national average for teen suicides and 800 convicted high risk sexual offenders live there.

    Make sure you have wheels, or failing that get your motorbike licence before you get there. Motorbikes beat traffic on the M6 all the time, so you don't loose half your weekend on your escape plan.
    It'll also make you a better all year biker.
    The alternative of staying in camp over the weekend means only the really shittiest weather will prevent you escaping.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    From easter onwards if back in the UK the lakes was a great place to go hiking, beering it up and basha ing up in the field next to the pub! Motorbikes were plentiful there with a local club being very friendly, lost of camping weekends and piss ups!
  10. Yea I'm posted to 253 in Fulwood and I've been to Weeton a couple of times.

    Weeton Bks itself is in the middle of nowehere, about a 30min drive from Preston itself though. Preston isn't too bad a night out in all fairness and the Lancashire area is rather nice. Couldn't say much about accm but it looks modern enough from the outside.

    Enjoy your posting.
  11. aparently, the LAD are staying behind, not going to cypris. and they have 4 man rooms, with wireless boradband.
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I forgot, quarters were also at Inskip, now that is in the middle of nowhere!
  13. There are quarters adjacent to the camp, but tthey're described as the Chatsworth estate ala Shameless
  14. Avoid Preston for nights out, it really is DIRE!!!
    Blackpool is only fit for stag & hen parties, unless you are Scottish.
    Try and get to Manchester or Liverpool if you can :D
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The quarters nearby used to be quite respectable, 1980's.