2 Years Off Work

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bullshit, Feb 26, 2002.

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  1. Rumour maybe?

    Has anyone ever heard of being able to take two years off (sabbatical) and return back to work?

    Any AGC know if possible?


  2. Depends on how much they like you and how valuable your 'skills' are.

    I had a chum who, pissed off with how crap life is was permitted to poke of for 2 ears and do a CPE course to learn about law stuff.

    I don't think he received full pay, however.

    However - I'm most definitely not in the AGC!
  3. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    *****NOT AGC EITHER*****

    One chick in the R SIGNALS took an unpaid 2 year break to follow her (RADC) hubby to Belize as there were no SO3 slots for her to occupy.

    The RAF Chick (Alex something?) who just won Bronze in the Olympics had a 18month sabbatical (paid??) to learn how to steer a teatray on ice.

    I want to take a 5 year sabbatical so that I can spend all the money when I do the bank job I'm planning...

    Did I just type th
  4. Seen it done-sign off, get lashed for a year then go sobbing to the ACIO-come back in at old seniority and rank with pension intact and be eternally dispised by your mates ;D
  5. I'm AGC, but somewhat out of the mainstream......

    Go speak to your admin office.  Depending on what you want to do, there are rules in the Army Leave Manual covering special paid and special unpaid leave.  It may all come down to how strong a case you present up the chain.  

    Wot's the sabbatical for anyway - don't tell me it's backpacking through Thailand with hippy teens trying to 'discover' themselves? ???
  6. I'd happily help some teenage girls "discover" themselves in Thailand for a few months. I don't think they would enjoy what they had discovered though. He he he he.
  7. are you really that disappointing Modacs, wouldn't have thought you would brag about it if you are :p
  8. I have found the ideal way:

    Plough your car into a tree, smash up your legs and then go on the sick until it is all better.

    Disadvantage: bit painful.

    Advantages:  Only person in the City who cannot be made redundant, get to spend lots of time with family, no loss of seniority, lots of money from nice insurance companies (ensure not drunk when  having crash), disabled parking badge (really pisses traffic wardens off, especialy if you drive a Jag), valid excuse for not doing DIY, lots of drugs!!!!!!
  9. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    I actually like your style Yeo...

    All a bit like the film 'Crash' for  me though.  I prefer the hones 'Bank Job' approach myself!
  10. Thank you.

    The trouble with Army bods trying to do bank jobs is that it will "be planned with Military Precision".

    i.e. we will cock it up and then spend the next two years in jail learning just why nice girls dislike soldiers so much!!
  11. Picture the scene:

    Menacing robber: "Gimme all ya money or I'll blow ya head off!"

    Bank Teller; " Have you oiled that SA80, then?"

    Not so menacing robber; "Doh!.......Taxi for one!"
  12. The Kiwis and Aussies have a system by which you can take up to a years leave without pay.  All you have to do is to contribute the pensions side of things - which if you are a switched on antipodean, you get a locum teaching job in UK for a few months, and take advantage of a whopping exchange rate!  All this doesn't help us in MOD PLC, however, it is worth suggesting this scheme at all opportunities.  The main benefit is that lots of people take the year, and then do really realise that the grass is greener on our side of the fence.  Also, you can take it in blocks!

    Question - would you still be liable for CDT... hmm... thailand..... I wonder?    :p
  13. Not AGC but a friend of mine resigned his Reg C in Jul 2000, left as a Capt intending to travel then take up a serious civ div career.

    Couldn't find a decent job and decided to get back to the Army, he went back in June this year, same rank, seniority etc.

    Aparently in his final interview he was told by the board that if within 2 years he wished to change his mind and return then he could.

    Pass me the pen I am resigning as we speak, anyone fancy a two year trip to Ko Samui? Bring your own Rizzlas! ;D ;D
  14. 2 years off work isn´t that the new resettlement package. same package as the 1 year one but spread over 2 years yippeee skave and survive 8) 8) 8) 8)
  15. Remember that series 'Civvies' by Lynda LaPlante.  It was just as believable as Red Cap (note the irony) but still eminently watchable.

     "Oi Frank.....I love you!"   :-[

    Quick summary: They all left the Paras, reminisced about the great times, had flashbacks about NI every 4 pico-seconds, did a bank job and got sent to the pokey.

    Next thing they're getting raped off Mister Big who's in with the warders :'(