2 year`post-registration requirement

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Sluice_dweller, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Karabiner - Intresting debate

    But would it really work? Would this not see the end off OR nurses? Is this the start of the QARANC becoming an all officer corps, and if this is the case what will happen to the HCA's?
  2. HCAs and CMTs should combine and become RAMC.
  3. Again something else that has been discussed for years and yet another debate - suppose it would add another career pathway to the CMT cadre. Although I'm not sure how they would justify giving those that went this route higher pay band.

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  4. But then again, how can some jobs within the CMT cadre justify the higher band? Look at the CMT at a CSMR who spends all day painting boxes, sweeping tank parks, eating pies, checking tentage etc, that person is on the same payband as the one in the med centre, with teeth arms, trg establishments etc... it all evens out (most of the time), one posting as a CMT/HCA could be ward based (and deployable), the next could be as a tentage technician (deployable), the next in a med centre etc....
    It would also open up add quals for the HCAs in dispensing, stores, para medic & amb tech (one day possibly!)
    It would also give the CMT cadre a better clinical role.
  5. Fair point Foxy, I see were your coming from. 'Suppose I don't really see why CMT's are higher pay band when not on Ops full stop!

    Awaiting incomming!
  6. totally agree!
  7. Do nurses not have to complete a degree course to go along the commissioning route? or can they apply 2 years after their HNC Diplomas?

    There was talk a while back (which was rejected) about all those tech trades that require degrees to carry out their jobs being given a technically qaulified WO position instead of commissioning. Surely if this happens with the nurses then a whole can of worms will be opened as to why Degree qualified personnel are not commisioned in the RAMC (a degree that actually relates to their job and not in furniture design) but a Nurse with an HNC/Diploma can commision 2 years post qualification.

    I suppose if it does become a Officer only job then those tech trades can whinge about it so much that those that care (AMD or MCM) will eventually listen and commission those trades, worked for the CMT's and higher pay band.
  8. Didnt realise that this was killed of due to VEng, just thought it was a none starter as it would have meant potentially that there would be a few TWO kicking around the AMS with potentially less than 5 years of service in the Army most of which would be spent studying.

    DG wants to see all commissioned BMS, Rad & Clin phys techs, does that mean he wants to commission all these people? again potentially we would have trades with officers that would have spent more time at uni than in the army, therefore would that mean that those with not much service would start off as Sub Lt???

    There are other trades in the AMS that are lower payband yet they do their job day in day out, dont these guys deserve to be on the higher pay band as much as the rest?
  9. 2 years post registration is not so bad, were nurses not time barred for 4 years post registration before they are considered for their 3rd? seem to remember that from one of numerous roadshows attended over the years. As far as arteficial, some trades are advised to wait til SSgt before applying for Commission, which tends to take longer than 2 years post registration, definately now that VEng has kicked in now where you have to be in rank of Sgt/SSgt before you go on the board for promotion.
  10. The SSgt and WO1 in the ODP cadre are on the lower pay band which I still find bizarre, especially in my case where I was the senior military ODP, Dep Hd of the ODP cadre, Speciality Advisor ODP (TSO) and for a short period RSM (what were they thinking?), plus I was deployable. Yet my WO2 (who was in the main ineffectual, truth hurts) was on a higher daily rate than me, this truth also hurt!
    Maybe this was because I was one of the WO2s who was interviewed prior to the decision to place them onto the higher band and the WO1 they interviewed couldnt give a toss as he was soon out!

    back to CMTs, they are on the higher band now and good for them, they dont get many breaks in this Corps, whether or not your average CMT JNCO at a CS/GSMR who spends 90% of their time packing and unpacking kit and doing litter sweeps is worth the higher band, that is for those in the Ivory Towers to decide, maybe its a recruiting and retension tool to make up for the lack of civ quals!
  11. the bare minimum for a Nurse to get registration is a Diploma of Higher education which is equivalent to 2/3rds of an honours degree

    a HNC is roughly equivalent to a cert HE which represents 1 /3 rd of a degree

    many HEIs offer 'advanced diploma' which is an ordinary degree by another name - becasue it's not a degree it;s NMAS entry and attracts the civvie bursary rather than UCAS entry, and loans + means tested bursary...

    an advanced diploma requires one / two modules ( depending on whether they are 10 or 20 CATS points) and a dissertation to 'top -up' to an honours degree

    given you appear to be somewhat misinfommred on what exactly an DipHE is ... perhpas you are mis informed on this ?

    tech WO or even just SNCO entry ( like crabair NC aircrew) might be a particualr nreason to attract peopl from civviestrasse rather than the way in which military student nurses 'owe' the military that return of service for being paid as a trained soldier through out their pre-reg ( iirc crab student nurses even get 'promoted' during their training )
  12. SNCO is a level that should be earned not given just because you have a degree or a dipHE (nearly a degree but not quite), it is bad enough that after 3 years studying people are given their 2nd and expected to be able to command troops.... I have seen this numerous times throughout my career and to be frank, half the nurses, BMS's, XRay and dental techs that have no previous military experience arent worth a sh1t as a Cpl nevermind a SNCO.

    You need to be able to command and lead the troops as well as be able to do your specialised trade. I transfered from CMT 7 years ago after serving for 6 because I realised that the trade offered me nothing for my eventual return to civvie street. In my time both as CMT and a Tech I have had my fair run in with those that dont know what they are doing be it, nurses, dental, x ray techs or BMS's.

    As for your reference to Crabs Nurses, I no nothing about them other than they work in the hospital and fail (like Army or Navy nurses) to fill out forms correctly and end up having their request rejected at the front desk.

    Karabiner - Is that likely to happen in the next 10 years? or will I have to take more VEng to see this come in to the BMS trade? time to think of a better pension I think, either that or apply for LE commission at my 18 year point.
  13. There appears to be lots of talk regarding commissions for Nurses who may apply 20 minutes after qualifying and now all commissioned cadres for BMS, Rad and Clin Phys... Whats happening with the mysterious ODP commissions? I have 5 years left and many of my friends have even less and many more have long gone and would have made cracking ODP officers, Promises Promises.
  14. yes me, but I've sold my purple jumper so I couldn't possibly come back, sorry :wink:
  15. bit late but thats life.