2 year deferral on medical grounds

Is there an appeals process for medical deferral? My lad has been deferred from joining for 2 years.
If there is a way to appeal, I would appreciate some advice
Well due to the lack of detail you have supplied NO YOU CANT APPEAL! Why have they been deferred? The Army requires fit able people but it is not a difficult medical procedure to pass. If they have turned him down from joining then it is for good reason. The Army takes in super fit people and still manages to break them before the end of basic training and its the one way journey home for them. For someone with a pre-existing condition it would be to much of a risk for the Army to take on.

Let me know why they have been turned down then I will see what I can find out for you.
Sorry for the sketchy details, I'll explain a little further.
My lad is fit - 16 years a keen rugby player, works on a farm is very active. He hated school, was difficult and challenging but has no diagnosis for anything like ADHD or similar, recieved no medication, and is not statemented or on any register. Has just sat GCSE's (for what they are worth). He has no criminal record or cautions, has competed D of Ed award, played rugby for his school etc. We moved house, he was hanging around with undesireables but stayed out of trouble, became rude and abusive at home and at school I asked GP to check him for drug abuse - nothing - he was referred to Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service - assessed, no intervention needed- and referred on to a voluntary youth counselling service.

His group of mates has changed, he is much nicer to be around at home - outside he is well thought of, it would appear that we got worst of him at home - a bit like top dog thing in the house with his dad too - quite difficult.

Our new doc must have glanced at the CAMHS stuff which has suggested he has behavioural problems - in truth he is like any other stroppy teenager who is six foot, fearless on the rugby field and knows better than we do!

Also he suffered with migraine as a child, was prescribed beta blockers for the last time in 2003 and is now symptom free. Of course we entered the migraine fact on his forms, its no good telling lies but they now think he is still on the medication!

So you see, this is why I wonder about the appeals process and how effective it is - I can provide written evidence from all the orgs to show last dates of medication being more than two years ago, and that he has no behaviouarl diagnosis or medication. He was gutted to get the deferral letter.

I would really appreciate your advice
OK the good news is you may have a chance as I think the limit is 2 years migraine and medication free if memory serves me. You need to get a letter from your GP and have it forwarded to RSC Medical via your recruitment office and fingers crossed that should do the trick. If you still have a problem, get a letter from a specialist and try to go for a 203 special enlimistment authority on the grounds of incorrect medical refusal. Hope this helps.
From a medical perspective the reason for this is that if you're two years without a migraine or controlling medication the probability of having another drops off dramatically. This is old info (I've not studied it in years) but I remember doing my MRCGP on this and it coming up.

If he's as fit as otherwise stated and he wants a career - and is prepared to knuckle down and do the work to get it - then he should theoretically be welcomed with open arms.
Warrior_poet and RAMC_Medic are talking sense. They seem to know alot more than me. If you go for an appeal ensure that you have your evidence but dont start giving the board abuse as they will just F**k you off. Go in and tell them the facts then let him tell them exactly why he wants to be in. No hero stuff just that he wants to do well in something he belives in.

I hope you find the advice you need and he gets in. There are to many people in this mans Army who are just depriving us of oxygen. Its always good to have someone who wants to be in for the right reasons.
Sound advice - thank you - and don't worry, as a teacher of some very bad lads I am unlikely to do the verbal abuse bit! I spend most of my time trying to show young people that there is a better way to get your point across (and if that fails, then....!) .
From what I read on the boards, I should have taught some of you!!

What is it that they say..........young men spend their teenage years trying to get away from the teacher with the cane and the rest of their life trying to get back there!!!

Thanks all very much, I will let you know how he gets on.
Keep safe
Best of luck to your son m-u-m. Hope to see him soon (although not in my surgery, if at all possible)!
Just to update you and to say that the system works!!
We appealed against the 2 year deferral and my lad has now been passed as 'suitable'!!

First stage over with - now down to the nitty gritty.

Thanks all for your help and advice, he is chuffed and working hard on fitness now.

We might make a soldier of him yet!
Regards to all
Great news, good on him.

A question if I may? When he was originally deferred, did the letter he was sent contain any advice on the appeals proccess? I've been deferred until May next year, not a long time but at 25 i'm pushing it, and obviously I want in ASAP. My letter had no advice on the appeals proccess, nor did the staff at the ACO suggest I was eligable to appeal.

Was your son's situation similar?
This has all happened in the last month - the letter from the medical people very simply stated the two areas that he was deferred and the time limit of two years. There was no advice or appeal process mentioned/suggested. When we got the letter I knew we had grounds to appeal the decision and I just got on with gatthering the evidence I assumed would be required to prove our case.
The whole rcruiting team at Hereford were brilliant. Really supportive with good advice. Once I had gathered all the evidence, my lad went into the office and they put together a letter to appeal - very short and sweet saying would they consider the enclosed stuff and reconsider in light of it.
It took me just over a week to gather the medical evidence - Doc's were great and quick too - and submit it - a week for them to acknowledge and request completion of one further form and then a further week to process.
The final notification came through the recruiting office - we were all as pleased as punch.

What is your situation - there may be some way of reducing the length of the deferral? Perhaps I can help?
At the risk of droning on about my situation (which I have been), it is as follows.

In May this year I went to see my GP regarding a slight pain around my kneecap, I'd recently increased the frequency of my runs, and started running with weight. Deep down I knew it was runners knee, something i've had in the past after increasing my runs or doing a lot of road running, pretty much everyone gets it now and again.
However, being a little bit paranoid, I went to see the GP. It was confirmed as runners knee, was given advice to rest and RICE etc. A week later all was well and I resumed running, with probs since.
I applied for the Infantry three weeks ago, managed to get my medical docs filled out by the GP in double quick time and they where sent off for approval. I was defferred for twelve months since I saw my GP re the knee (until May 07). I was told by the staff at ACO that this was policy as training exerts a lot of strain on the body, etc etc, and there was really nothing I could do.
I was prepared to take this on the chin and use the extra time to get fitter, take a holiday etc, but like I say, i'm 25 and for the first time in my life have found something that I genuinly want to do, and as i'm sure you can sympathise with, am gutted at having to wait so long.
hmmm. don't know much about knees, and I would imagine that the army does, knees being rather an essential requirement. I would be guided by them - but you could see your Doc to get the real low down on the injury, and if he feels that a year to recover is excessive ask him to write a supporting letter for you saying so. It may be appropriate for you to see a specialist for a more detailed opinion. All these things documented can support your case, but the medics will be the best people to advise you on this.
Don't give in though until you have had a go at overturning the decision - but you must be confident that you aren't jumping the gun - injuries need time.
Keep working on the fitness in the meantime - without pushing the knee!
A year goes by like a flash - better to wait it out than risk a relapse and be out of the running completely.
Good luck.
Hi m-u-m,

Just wondered what the wording was on your appeal letter. been deferred for 3 years due to 'eczcema'. have got a letter from my GP saying I have been symptom & medication free for 10 years (i'm 16 now) and need to write an appropriate letter in the hope that they will reconsider me for entry, just not sure how to word it. Any help appreciated.
tommot said:
Hi m-u-m,

Just wondered what the wording was on your appeal letter. been deferred for 3 years due to 'eczcema'. have got a letter from my GP saying I have been symptom & medication free for 10 years (i'm 16 now) and need to write an appropriate letter in the hope that they will reconsider me for entry, just not sure how to word it. Any help appreciated.
seems a bit harsh that

says on the army FAQ you've gotta be symptom free at least 5 years

av never had eczema meself..wen i was 14 though i had a spot that went dry, an got prescribed some steroid cream for it.. went within a few days an that was it. got me medical with me doc on wed.. am shittin meself tho incase that gets me deferred.. shouldnt do coz it wernt eczema but ya never know. am 21now btw nearly 22.. so thats an 8 year gap
Hello Tommot
Keep it polite, short, to the point, offering your GP's letter for consideration - do this in conjunction with your recruiter - they have the experience and know exactly which buttons to press and boxes to tick!
Your GP's letter is the key -
Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Best wishes
Where an applicant wishes a review of a medical decision based on an incorrect medical diagnosis or insufficient medical evidence the Applicant should appeal to the SMO at the ADSC they attended. The Applicant must enclose a letter written by themselves explaining the reason for the appeal. This must be accompanied by a letter from the Applicant’s GP or specialist confirming the diagnosis and including any additional medical evidence not previously available to support the Applicant’s claim. The SMO will then carryout a review of the medical evidence and a decision made which will be notified to the Applicant. The letters can be handed in at the Army Careers Office, the recruiters can send them to the SMO on behalf of the applicant.
Hi lads,

I was meant to start training at itc catterick in May but I couldn't go due to a level 1 hamstring injury, i over stretched it at wrestling & mentioned it to my CSM so they instantly took me of that course. (Don't ask why I mentioned it :/). By the end of June I was back to normal, so I rang my CSM (candidate support manager) too get a new start date, she then wanted a doctors letter saying I was fit for duty ect ect.. I got that letter and sent it to the medical department which they accepted. I then received a phone call in the middle of July asking me to do a perspective satisfactory training plan for 12 weeks, but I had already trained hard for 5 weeks, so I asked them if I could do the 7 weeks. They accepted that so I went on to do the 7 weeks training plan, On the programme it says any pains ect during the exercises.. I put general muscle ache, which every gets after a hard session! .... The medical team have seen that as I'm injured still and have deferred me for another 3 months & have asked me to do another 3 month programme ! :(.

Iv recently been back to the doctors and got another letter stating that I'm fit to go again... And sent in my own letter ect! I'm just curious, what do you guys think will happen with my appeal do you think they will just fob me of ??

Or do you think they will see it as a mistake & accept the doctors letter again..

Cheers lads

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