2 x Red Hot Chilli tickets and car pass for sale. Knebworth Sat 23rd June

Edited to add: Tickets have now been sold.

Short notice I know, but I have 2 x general admission tickets and 1 car pass for the Red Hot Chilli's gig at Knebworth this Saturday (23rd June 2012). I had bought them on the first day of sale with the intention of going with my ex who was a big fan. I had forgotten about them until they landed on my door mat yesterday, and not being the biggest fan myself I'm looking to sell them on.

Face value was £135ish, I'm not looking to make a profit but to get as much as possible back. I would recommend next day post which is £5.90 I believe.

Please post your interest here.

What an awesome band, I failed to get tickets to Stadium of Light in Sunderland on Sunday, what a bargain price. Bang it on ebay, pick up only, 4 day sale, nice pics of the tickets, sorted, I bet you make a profit, just make sure you reply to all questions about them.

I get a stiffy on learning guitar arpeggios and nailing them, anyone that doesnt like this Red Hot Chili Peppers - Venice Queen - YouTube sucks cock

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