2 x OIF Servicemen Issue Legal Challenge To Obama

Discussion in 'US' started by Str8Bloke, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. I just saw, in the Drudge Report of 25/02/2009, that two serving US soldiers on OIF have started legal challenges to their Commander in Chief. They have instructed counsel and alledge that Obama is ineligible to be their CiC as he was not "a natural citizen" of the US as laid down in the Constitution.

    My Questions;
    1 How popular(or not) is Obama in the US armed forces? Especially OIF/OEF
    2 Will these two soldiers get gang raped by their chains of command?

    I don't remember anyone mentioning Obama's citizenship during the election. But I was a bit busy at the time...
  2. Obama's citizenship was examined in minute detail by the media and found to be acceptable (otherwise the Republicans would have kicked off and he wouldn't have been allowed to be president). I think this one might be going nowhere.
  3. Allegedly, this has all been looked at behind the scenes. I also find it unlikely that with everyone powerful who wanted to stop him, no one caught him out if he wasnt born there. It smacks of a last ditch attempt at hindering him.

    I imagine this will end up with a charge of bringing the US armed forces into disrepute.


    Interesting: http://fightthesmears.com/articles/5/birthcertificate
  4. At what point in the Constitution does it say that the 'Commander in Chief' has to be "a natural citizen"?

    The President is the Commander in Chief. If he wasn't a valid candidate for that post, it should have been pointed out a little bit earlier, and as he has been sworn in, could be a little late now.

    Probably a couple of rednecks who have taken this long to figure out 'half' a plan.
  5. A bit like the careers of the two who've issued the legal challenge.

    I suspect were this the genuine issue,the GOP would have jumped on it a long time ago.
  6. Is that "minute detail" as they couldn't be ARRsed to go look at the official document which Obama seems to be hiding away somewhere?
    I think the silly fellow is trying to hide something, and The People have smelled a rat.
  7. Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution states this:


    Having said that, Pres. Obama clearly is a "natural born Citizen" and so this lawsuit is utter bollocks.
  8. I still don't understand why, if there is nothing to hide, he doesn't release a copy of the birth certificate.

    He has spent tens of thousands of dollars fighting demands to release it and not releasing it is just increasing speculation that there is some truth in the rumours.
  9. See detonator's post above. More to the point, why did you believe he was trying to hide it?
  10. The scan he has posted above appeared on a website which the Obama campaign was not even directly linked to. He has spent a great deal of money fighting requests to show it in court when for $12 he could have got a copy and had his lawyers show it in court and killed the whole story stone dead.

    I have no idea why he is doing it this way, which is why my original post says "I still don't understand".

    Maybe the original describes him as white :D
  11. The one I linked too, paid for by Obama for America - The presidential campaign org?
  12. Why the hell should he prove it? If the electoral commission are content that he is legally entitled to be President, who else does he have to prove it to? Maybe he's spent his tens of thousands of dollars on a point of principle. Did the world ask to see Clinton's Birth Certificate? Bush Snr's?

    No? why not? Is it 'cos he is black?
  13. 1. Not very in among the units I am training with. but then he doesnt have to be. CiC isnt a popularity contest, Carter was Loathed like a Fart in the back of a APC, Clinton was'nt much better.

    2. Very Likely- If they're Commissioned Officers, they're done. If Snuffy's the Hammer will fall through other channels

    On a Personal note, I think he's a Schmuck, a Socialist, and a Weasel. But he is a Citizen, so the lawsuit is without merit.
  14. The citizens that he represents maybe, some of who clearly have doubts.

    I don't remember there being any controversy over their place of birth. There are rumours about Obamas. His skin colour is not relevant to the issue.
  15. My mistake. I didn't see that at the bottom.