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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by issac, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Eneyone got eney tips for the 2 week rct corse .Iam off to Basingbourn in a couple off weeks just would like too know wot to expect.
  2. not been on it myself but I imagine that spelling might come up.
  3. The CMSR is great (well mine at Grantham was). It's non stop from the word go. You get shouted at lots, loads of pt, shootin, cbrn, medic etc etc. If you love working hard you will love it.
  4. Don't be a bitch Arby, he/she has got that far.........................have you even got as far as us?

    Issac, use the search feature or scan the Training wing Board there's so much stuff available to read in those places, just because you're TA doesn't mean that the stuff the regs ask or answere isn't valid, it is.
  5. Tips. Get some running done. I was/am lacking in the fitness stakes and i found it harder going than i should've. (At least the CFT course is very flat) Make sure that your weapons handling drills are up to scratch, we had a couple of NDs on my course. Pack your sense of humour and take a spare. Work hard, listen, dont be afraid to ask question and try and enjoy yourself.
    Good luck
  6. I agree with the sense of humour bit....maybe pack a third one for when your sat in the middle of a field eatin cat food and celling tiles from your rat pack in the pouring rain. ......... always good for a laugh!

    Oh and remember to pack everything cause you will use the lot.

    U really have to just enjoy it, I wanted to RTU myself on the last day to do it all over again (odd I know but I realy did love it!!)
  7. Good point on the spelling mate cheers :D