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Was wondering what/how much phys is done during the two week course at Pirbright?

Just want to hit my goals in phys before I go so I can be sure to pass.

I assume you are talking about the phase 1 (TSC B) course?

You have to attend the course within a certain time of finishing the 6 weekends that constitute TSC A due to the risk of skill fade. And if you haven't started the 6 weekends yet you will have plenty of time to work on the phys as you wont be going to Pirbright until April/May time at the earliest.

For what it is worth there is phys nearly every day, mostly circuits and/or an endurance run or tab. The only 'test' is the AFT but that was one of the easier tabs we did. The field exercises should contain a few beastings too.
Ok. Thank you 'deliverying capability'. I'm joining the medical corps so there was some confusion in what I would be doing but I think I am on the TSC B course as I don't have a combat role as my trade (although it's not uncommon to be in the field occasionally).

I have been in the OTC but even though the training I received there was pretty thorough I didn't feel a the role as a commander was my thign and preferred doing what I am training as which is as an Operating Department Practitioner.

How long does each phys session last?


How long does each phys session last?
You clearly have an issue with phys, or at least think you do. Go out and get fit. Go for 8 mile runs. Be one of the few STABs that isn't a pie eating, lazy, useless fat ****.
Out of all military skills phys is the one I worry about. I had a few medical problems when I tried to join the regs and I got in by the skin on my teeth when I joined the TA. But I will take your advice on board. Loaded tabs, runs and some stamina building.

Don't need to be up to the phys levels of a Para but even though I'm Med corps I want to be fit.
Very good point. Point taken on board. Many thanks.

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