2 week phase 1 course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ghost3h, Sep 4, 2009.

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  1. hey, im looking at doing a 2 week phase 1 course, i was wondering what sort of fitness tests you would need to pass at the end of it, is it the 6 miler?

    my parent unit is infantry

    also is there any pages on the wiki about it, i had a look for about 10 mins and couldnt see any but probaly wasnt searching the right acronym

  2. :?

    [wah shield on/]

    Search 'ITC'

    [wah shield off]
  3. ITC is phase 2 infantry training, not the phase one basic training everyone gets

    On the sheet with the dates its called TSC (A) 2 week consolidation course

    but cant find that on arrsepedia
  4. Apologies, you are right. There was a course called 'spring challenge' (maybe called something else for Inf) and is all the weekends rolled into one camp.
  5. CMS(R)? Had a set of infantry twins on mine....one rocked up to parade with a burn on his neck....when challenged his reply was "I couldn't get the collar to stay down otherwise Sir".....wah wah wah...

    Good luck, pack loads of sense of humour and you'll be fine. "Back in my day" the fitness tests per say are the same as your pre-CMS(R) only more of them. Plus lots of running hither and tether up and down concrete hill most days. You don't have to be super fit, but if you're a fat knacker, prepare to get your section doing remedial PT!
  6. i asked my friend who is in the engineers and he said that we will have to do the CFT and BFT. THe CFT is 8miles with full kit and weapon in under 2 hours, how the fook are we suppose to do that with only 2 weeks training.

    Any ideas if this is true, cause i though that was at the end of the CIC training
  7. Borrowing JonnoJonno's wah shield a second here...

    Your personal fitness is not the army's responsibility, it's yours. There is a good school of thought that says not to attempt a full 25kg CFT yourself on the first attempt, as you need to develop a bit of core stability first, for which your RTC gently break you in. Other than that get yourself to the standards they require from you. And stop whining like a girl - bad start. :roll:
  8. The main thing you will suffer from is the stamina to keep that speed up for two hours and the other is blisters.

    You would be well advised to practice with carrying a similar weight on your back at that speed and also make sure your boots are broken in as a bad blister is a killer and you may fail.

    Get some good wide zinc oxide tape from the net and make a note of where you get your blisters.
  9. Or, consider the fact that we are just folk from the internet, and really you should be asking your instructors for advice. That way you know they are qualified to give you advice. Personally I'm not too sure about parts of the above.
  10. It is only my opinion and i agree that it would be best to seek out advice from the instructors,but as the request was aimed at us and this was the training i have undertaken to get ready i see no harm in my advice.

    When we have been on our CFT there are some whom obviously do not train and they end up on the noisy end of an earful for not being fit.
  11. It'll depend whether you're doing your Part A or B (CMS (TA) TSC A or B) ?

    Part A (9 Day Course - can either be one block or in weekends)

    This is the building of fitness & coming to terms with doing a CFT part of phase 1 training. Throughout the course you'll do four CFTs each of two miles. The First will be just you, second with rifle, third with Bergen containing reduced weight & last will be with full weight. All the weights are CEG dependant, meaning different depending on trade.

    Before the final CFT you will be required to carry out Representitive Military Task Tests which are:

    A Jerry Can walk of 180 Metres
    Lifting a weight of 45 Kg to a height of 4 Metres

    In addition to this there will be a couple of PT lessons, which will involve some cicuit training & some playing of sport.

    Part B (15 Day)

    Physical training is a little more intense on this course. On day one you'll carry out a 3 Mile CFT with Full Weight & RMT Tests along with a Weapons Handling Test to ensure your have met the criteria of the previous course.

    Then over the course you will do several more CFTs (approx 4) with the full weight building up from
    doing 3 miles to 6 miles. In addition there are a couple of Battle PT lessons, a couple of PT (circuit training) & some endurance running (done as a Troop) as well as an "Introduction to the Obstecle Course."

    The final requirement is RMT testing followed by a 6 Mile CFT carrying full weight.
  12. fook me you must have long arms!
  13. ty 81cufc i am doing tsc (a) and going to be infantry, so im guessing its going to be 25kg weight for the cft, If the practice runs are 2 miles howlong is the actual cft, i though it was 6 miles

    the course dates say its 16 day long, but say its tsc (A) so any ideas?

    and how heavy are the jerry cans, roughly? and the weight of 45kg's, what is it? Im guessing its not a barbell with easy handles :p

    ^^ questions are directed at people who choose to answer rather then make 'witty' retorts

  14. Yes as an infanteer the weight will be 25Kg (21Kg in Bergen & Carrying 4Kg Rifle) for the CFT & if you're on the Alpha then it'll just be the two miles each time! If on the Bravo the CFT will be 6 miles. When training I would suggest training for 8 miles because from Apr 2010 the CFT is coming into line with the Regulars.

    If the Joining Intructions say it's 16 Days I suspect you're on the Bravo! Is this the first bit of Phase 1 you have done or have you done around 5 to 7 weekends before this?

    Each Jerry can is full of water, which makes it weight roughly 20Kg & you're required to carry two for 180 Metres at a walking pace set by the PTI. Don't worry they don't make you run or anything stupid like that.

    The 45 Kg lift varies from a bag with handles to an ammunition box or a weight set dependant on the PTI.
  15. its the first part, i have my selection this weekend, then me psi said if we pass we can go straight onto the 2 week course in october from the 9-25th

    the timetable with all the weekends and dates on says

    TSC (A) 2 week condolidation course 9-25 oct