2 Week Jollies with Children. You know you want to...

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Burgers, May 20, 2005.

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  1. If you get asked if you want to go on an ACF/ CCF Camp by your unit, then the answer is yes.

    If you are serious about learning what being an officer is about, then these camps are brilliant. In an OTC Platoon, there is always someone who is willing to throw in his idea or show you how it is better. The children haven't a clue, and will follow you much more like real Pte Soldiers.

    If you want to work in civvy street as a manager, then they are good for that as well. You aren't allowed to Jail children or the Adult instructors (something to do with human rights) and so you can't use the normal 'do it or I'll set my Platoon Sgt on you' method. You'll have to act like a civilian leader.

    You'll get pissed off, you'll laugh and cry, and you'll want to hit them BUT you will learn alot about how to deal with people (and whether or not you really want to become a school teacher).

    Agree? Disagree? Been on a camp and got some stories? Tell me!
  2. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    You conceited richard-cranium

    If that is your opinion of private soldiers then you are an ill informed berk who should hand his/her ill placed shiny pip back and sit in the corner before someone who is a "private soldier" adjusts the top of your head behind the MT shed.
  3. You fookin' spanna. A quiet withdrawal might be a good idea at this point.

    Or you're very clever and this is a subtle bite trawl.
  5. Tell you what burgers come along to one of our camps and we'll see who hasn't got a clue. You won't last five minutes. As for jailing AI's, even if you could I'd love to see you try, you tw@
  6. Allow me to elaborate.

    An infantry pte soldier doesn't give two jots about the overall plan in an attack, isn't particularly interested in what the enemy is called (so long as he knows what he looks like) or his AT capability etc, and will not question your choice to go left flanking instead of straight up the middle. He puts his trust in your training and decision making capabilities. He (like the cadets) trusts you to make the right decision.

    An Officer Cadet is very different. Whenever a plan is suggested, you can be sure that someone has a better (in his opinion) one, and he will argue with you. He will take things into his own hands and make decisions off his own back at inappropriate times. There is also the problem of familiarity. An Officer cadet under your command is the same one you are hitting on the bar 2 hours later. In short, it is unrealistic.

    An extra consideration is that some Pte soldiers in the Infantry need an awful lot of looking after. I have had soldiers who would not wash, or eat properly and were unable to understand the basics of their own jobs. This is a lot worse in the Cadets. An Officer Cadet, on the other hand, does not suffer from any of these problems. As a real Platoon commander, you have to look after your men, with all their problems, all the time. This is impossible to replicate in an OTC.

    So, in short, my experiences with (particularly the older) cadets was a lot closer to my experiences with real soldiers than anything I have seen in an OTC.
  7. Or spell the word 'satellite' correctly in their sig? I smell bullshit all over you.
  8. We have all had to train with contempories/equal ranks and you take your appropriate place at the correct time. Would love to have had you on a course.

    You're basically saying officer cadets can't assume the role of a section/platoon member when required? Learn to play the game.
  9. Im with you Banshee_09. Im a Reg and i help run our Cadet Unit, most of my lot are clued up to f***. We have had a few OTC Officers on weekend camps, total useless like "Burgers" all want to be's. Soon shut up when confronted by Real Soldiers. Cadets is great for kids gets them off the street. Need any help give us a call Banshee_09
  10. That's exactly what I'm saying. They are rubbish at it.

    They also don't get an opportunity to practise all this leadership gumpf they get taught except on each other. Which, as mentioned, doesn't work cause they're all mates.

    I keep getting told by ACF's that they want help from TA and OTC and the like. I just thought I should advertise it, cause I really enjoyed my time with them.
  11. Trog780
    Did your OTC spend the camp whinging about everything and then spend the night getting bladdered and trying to hit on each other??

    thats what happened with the last lot that "Assisted" us on our last camp!!

    i wonder if the OTC is good for keeping students off the streets lol
  12. Wrong they are usually very interested as if its arrse it likely to get them killed, known many a private soldier more than willing to give a junior officer the benefit of his experience, as he in some cases is likely to have more. The difference being he will in general say "ok your the boss" and crack on.

    In 'some' cases yes but not in the vast majority of cases, again I have met alot of private soldiers who can buy and sell 'some' officers.

    just a last comment where do you get your experience of commanding real soldiers from are you a serving officer if so you should have a little more respect for the men you command, if some are poor soldiers do something about it don't come on here bleating, that you would rather command cadets.

  13. burgers
    We do value assistance when it's helpful, when a bunch of OTC rock up on camp telling the kids that the AI's know the square root of f#*k nothing, it becomes more of a hinderance than assistance.
  14. 'In 'some' cases yes but not in the vast majority of cases, again I have met alot of private soldiers who can buy and sell 'some' officers.'

    Agreed, which is why i said 'some.' (You fcuking wonder sometimes...)

    'where do you get your experience of commanding real soldiers from'

    I spent a year in the regs, and I did do something about it, and i'm not bleating because I enjoyed my job immensely. And I respected my strong soldiers and yah de yah de yah. This is not a dig at real soldiers...

    But now one of my jobs is training Officer Cadets, and there is no way to prepare them for real soldiers. It is incredibably difficult to replicate a Pte Soldier.

    Older Cadets are a lot like Soldiers, and anyway the experience of working with an ACF or CCF is incredibably challenging and this is what I am trying to sell.

  15. Ooooh!