2 week CMS(R) & 2 week CIC?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BigCheese, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm just seeing if anyone knows if it's possible to complete your CMSR as a 2 week package?

    Have looked around various units to see whats on offer and for the next 6 months or so will find it hard to keep to the current tempo of weekends.

    I'm in London if this helps?

    Cheers all

    :D BC
  2. I had a couple of guys on the weekend CMS(R) with me that requested a 'fast-track', which is a 2 week course. Both got it, and I know at least one of them has finished CIC already, while I'm still slugging away on the weekends. Unfortunately, by the time I found out about this, the next available course to book myself on started a week before my second last weekend, so there wasn't much point from a time saving point of view.

    This is the situation with my DETAPO training unit, but my parent unit only offers a two week CMS(R), you can't do the weekends even if you want to.

    A final caveat; from what I gather, you wont be sent on the two week course until you're 100% ready to go, which could take a while. From what I can see, people are sent on weekend courses no matter what stage of their training they're at, and without any fitness requirements.
  3. Do you mind me asking which DETAPO unit you're with?

    And also, is this something that only DETAPO units do or is this also on offer for those going in as pte's?
  4. No, I'm the only TAPO on my weekends at my level of recruit training. The guys that fast tracked weren't going for officer training.

    I'll PM you with more info later on (it may be tomorrow), as I'm really busy in work at the minute.
  5. If my memory serves me correctly, there is a 2 week CMS(R) in Pilbright in a fortnight. It's all recruits (DEPO and Pte's).

    If you are feeling cheeky, you could mention that you are considering the PO option. That may give you an option to tag onto LUOTC training (you can always 'reconsider' once you are trained) who are local to you.