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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MikeL, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Ive recently looked at 2 TA Units, and this is basically the differences. What i'm after is any comments positive or negative on whats here, I'm not keen to say what the Units ARE because Im likely to get "Unit A is turd" or whatever.

    Unit 1:
    Helpful, lead me straight to the recruiting team.
    Recruiting Team showed me and other new members a video, talked through the process and the job at hand. The RSM also spoke to us and we got the "its a warzone out there" bit.
    I am able to be attested within 4 weeks with this Unit. I will be a trained Soldier by April (as long as I pass). I will be being paid from next month for my training.

    Unit 2:
    Let myself in, stood about until someone spotted me and took me to someone else (someone I know). Then waited about a little longer. Did a medical questionnare for some unknown reason then spoke to the Recruiter.
    Got a basic on the training time it will take, I will be attested in December. I will begin Recruit Training in January and will have completed by April. Possibly some disagreement about my age though. Got the same "You could die" bit.

    Unit 1 seems more "structured"
    Unit 2 has more specialisations etc. BUT I wasnt given info on these, apparently its "need to know" (I spoke to some others about this after this and got some more info though)
    Unit 1 invited me to the bar afterwards.
    Unit 2 didnt.
    I know people in Unit 2. I dont know anyone in Unit 1.
    Unit 2 used Unit 1 as a bin for one of their recruits.

    Any comments on what you'd think in this situation would be good.
  2. Go on post the Units?? HOw can you get any advice otherwise?
  3. Really I wanted to compare the first night experiences. One Unit is Infantry (Unit 2) and the other is Air Corps (Unit 1) though.
  4. How old are you?
  5. 17. Im 17 and a half at the start of the training cycle though and the PSI said I'd be fine, just noting the inconsistency there.
  6. We all die.
  7. I'm surprised that you were let into the TAC unaccompanied - serious security problems - you should name & shame that unit!
  8. air corps? thought you had to have reg exp for that.
    anyway, infantry mate all the way, but thats just my opinion.
  9. Pffft. Recruiting teams are not reflective of the general administration in unit, although they can show indications of larger problems. Personally, I skip right past the on the door guff and get into the JRC to get a good view of what the unit is like. You'll not see the recruit team much once you join, but you'll be spending an inordinate amount of time with the other soldiers, so see if they seem a good lot or not.

    It's not really advice, it's just my way of doing things.
  10. AAC (V) no longer requires ex-Regular experience.

    Assuming this is 677 Sqn / 6 Regt you'll be out of your Recruit Training just when the Special To Arm trade training to support Apache and Lynx begins in earnest.
  11. glorified petrol pump attendent or infantry .Can always transfer when you get bored with the infantry stuff .Better to try the infantry out while you can
    its not a career so choose something fun .
  12. Mike L,

    Join 6 Regt AAC, this is also my unit and I can honestly say its the best unit I have been with within the TA. There will be alot of opportunity to get a good trade under your belt (we don't just fill cabs up with fuel)!! I agree with woody that the Infantry is a good crack but i would go for the AAC.

    Its a good time to join as we are all going through training and later on there will be plenty of opportunities to deploy.

    Feel free to PM me as I also know what Infantry unit you are talking about!

  13. Out of the 2 I'd go Inf, best stress relief is running around the countryside shouting with your TA rounds. Though don't expect the fun to start imediately, the recruiting process takes an age, and if you read else where you'll find out why. In my old unit CMSR dates were getting canceled, one of our recruits threatened to quit, but it was the system not our fault.
    If you can deal with the fk about factor you'll make great friends.

    The bar is an institution and you are expected to go, only officers are invited to the JRC
  14. Yeah right


    Too much current terminology gave you away - way past what the average 17 yr old recruit would know.

    ...and the results of your research for the article/paper/AO that you are writing was.....?
  15. MikeL, from another thread - the voice of a 17 year old?