2 tier army

Capt Calamity is to be thanked for his opinion that the only deployable Brigades in the Armed Forces, 16 & 3, should have all the "nuts jobs".  Besides, what else did we join for?????  

If he had the balls and physical robustness to jump out of planes, he would too.

PS - One for Nurse.  The Army have been involved in more amphibious Ops than the Bootnecks will ever see.
Of course this isn't a 2 tier army! Line Regiments are graciously allowed to take on speahead battalion for long periods and carry out exciting flood prevention duties and clandestine Foot and Mouth operations, it must just be luck that the Paras rotate in just in time for deploying to these hot spots..... unless there are actually some people at Land that don't trust the line boys and sneak the paras in at the last safe moment,  but that wouldn't happen would it?
If there are any big wigs catching this then could we PLEASE PLEASE have a Para Bn jump into an LZ defended by line units all equipped with SAWES gear, we'll see how operationally feasible the maroon peril are then! 8)
Yes army always involved in amphibious ops 29(cdo)Regt RA, 20(cdo) btry, 59&141(V)(cdo) Engineer sqn RE etc etc.
Never mind a them getting on the ground to fight let them drop on a simiuated ADA (air defended area) 90 with one round of S15 or HVM. 1:90 NICE KILL RATIO.
At least as has been pointed out else where on this site go and take a look at 3 Cdo Brigade and see How many Commandos have para wings then look at 16 air assualt and see how many Commando Daggers Parachute regiment soldiers have.
At the very least the Marines have a history before ww2.
The Paras do have their place in the army but I think they need to remember they are PART of a bigger orginastion and they are the ones wearing the different coloured headress ie the minority. But maybe some day they'll be their usual indisciplined selves and that PRIVILIGE  will be revoked (some chance) but had pleasure of watching paras thrown of square at pirbright and have to parade in black berets cause they wern't entitled to where maroon ones and were't allowed crap hats on the square.


War Hero
Whilst Big Tony is El Presidente of the Republic of GB, the role of the Paras will assured.  He's like a big kid with a new bag of green army men on a ruffled carpet!

As for the Marines, Big Bad Boycie is now at the helm and hence chose to attack Afghanistan (Landlocked) with naval assets (Carrier Group & marines).  Mincing Queens, your fate is assured for a while.

When the next Raving Red gets into the power seat, stand by for more cuts and an amalgamation of Purple and Moss Green.  Striped beret anyone?
I can understand the RM's, but why do we still have the glorified Infantry.  Could save that money on kit that works and keeps us warm, where we all go on tours.
;)Is it true that the PRR is being used so Tony Blair can control each individual soldier or is it used to remind the Paras to keep breathing as they have difficulty doing two things at once?
Cpl P, are you trying to say that we have some kit somewhere that actually works? Not only works but does what it was designed to do? Well go to the bottom of the stairs and feck my tits.
Sorry Cpl P, that was just a saying in bewilderment and not an order.

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