2 tier army

I heard that that unless you've got a maroon beret, you can't be deployed these days.  Although apparently it won't stop a lump of concrete thrown through your windscreen.


Are you daring to question the right of the airborne gods to go forth and win all the medals. Ridiculous - the next thing you know you will be suggesting that the rest of the infantry have something to offer other than guarding camps and stagging on in NI!



But there are bonuses.  No free holidays in Macedonia [Excuse me sir, is this your shooter?  Da!  Giz it!  Da.
Now stag on.]

Then there's the continuing free trips to Afghanistan.  Carry on up the Khyber...


One thing I have noticed on the TV is that PRR headsets prevent the "Red Devils" from wearing their berets in quite such a daft manner.

Of course, I will never see PRR, being line Infantry, so I can wear my beret in some really quite shocking fasions.
Did anyone see the Telegraph today and the picture of the Para and the Afghan officer? You could just see the Para was thinking "Must have fight! Must punch someone!"

Well we've had Bloody Sunday, anyone wonder what will happen next .

2 Para Community Relations !!!!


I like this subject.

I notice the Paras are carrying a boat load of gimpies.  Should they once more decide to let a crowd have it, or a car driving away, they can now really do some damage.

Apparently they all have to wear headsets so the GOC can shout "For Christ's sake stop!" to the whole battalion at once.


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If the airborne warriors are so good why is it that the ROYAL MARINES are being sent in first?

ie Sierra  leone & Afganistan RM's went in first and handed over to PARA's


Sorry, but the correlation and other long words is already there for the public to see... the Special Forces ARE the Army and all that......

Chairborne Anchors and Cabbage Heads are gods! Bow down all thee that need smiting! And other rhetoric....

By the way, PRR is coming (but dont hold anything).


So, the Naval Light Infantry and the Airmobile Regt (formerly the Parachute Regiment) have had a busy couple of years.  Frankly they've got some catching up to do.  The only Paras with Gulf medals are the ******* band.
I am troubled by the "allo,allo" berets but not nearly as much as I am by the extraordinary tendency to fellate one another in public.
I'm not too distressed by the Reg, as any idiot can wear their beret so far forward they can't look down and dive through a burning window with a knife between their teeth, but the Fairy Queens are really starting to get me down.
On first encountering them in Bessbrook they would occasionally salute a subaltern if they felt like it, but now they seem to think that only captains deserve a quick flip of the kipper. I don't need to mention the endless wandering around with only a nice 'G10 for men' towel draped over their soldier saying 'alright boss', and someone should really explain to them that it is not common practice to roll your shirt up to your armpit during the depths of a northern irish winter.


why is it that everyone picks on the paras they do a great job and it is a quick way of deploying a force to make it safe for the loggies who seem to wear what ever they can demand or steal and think it is cool to buy their own kit from the local goverment surplus or millets
chill out a bit or try it


Someone on here will no doubt soon be trying to suggest that the Paras arent really suitable for parachuting into battle in modern warfare.............

Living on past glories or what lucky the Northern Alliance sorted out the enemy before they got there anyway


Sending 2 PARA as a'peace' keeping humanitarian force is like making Osama Mayor of New York!! Airborne Death from above, usually when they have a malfunction in the canopy!


The battle honours?

Arnhem, Farnam, Fleet and Crete.
OK let me in on the story.
What has the Maroon Machine done to upset  you all? ???
Harry dear Harry, oh to be a hat! It's nice to watch all you wasters bicker like the sad bunch of losers you are. The cabbage heads, with respect, are not much better. The gentleman who stated that it is indeed the bootnecks who are first into theatre to pave the way for us should be congratulated! However, his mates who surrendered the Falklands in 82 should not!
Come on the Reg, 5 in a row!


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NP8901'S role was to be a trip wire not a serious defence of the Falkland Islands. BTW why were the paras not landed into port stanley to help? I mean the govt had 24hrs+ warning enough to put the para ready bn in hercs and drop them over stanley?
Simple they wern't able to do the job.
Given the limited resources Major Norman and Lt Mills did remarkably well.
When did the Para regt last Parachute into action SUEZ wasn't it. Same time as UK first Heleborne assualt BY?

Well lets face it as long as the PARAS and the RM get all the shit jobs it will give the rest of us a break from the endless tours in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, BATUS.  Thank you the maroon machine for giving us a breather. Most welcome.  

Plus we have to remember that the PARAS are incapable of doing any other task than leap out of C130s and the Marines driving boats and BVs.

Lets face it, the Paras have the idiot chute that deploys itself just in case they forget, in that rush of airborne excitement. So we can't really expect them to get to grips with the intracies of warrior can we.

Stag on lads , enjoy Kabul.    

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