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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by DozyBint, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Boss Fellas, my homepage is showing that I have 65535 new messages though obviously I don't! I don't know if you've tweaked anything to do with PMs or if anyone else is seeing the same. It's not bothering me as I'm still getting the pop-up alerts when I do receive a new message but I thought I'd let you know.
  2. Do you think it's an April Fool? (Mine shows "0", btw)
  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm, I originally thought I'd received more than the usual amount of hate-mail! :roll: :D
  4. Sixty

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    Dozy, check my' PM problems' thread further down. COs are aware of the issue.

    Edit: Clicky.
  5. Ah! I did a cursory check of the latest problems, but only the first page and that's from bleddy January! I'd had a PM-count problem - fixed at 1 - a while ago and that was sorted so I wondered if this was a new one.
  6. whilst its on here mine has showed up as having one in the mail for ages

    how can i fix it.

    there are no stupid questions just stupid people... sorry for being a biff
  7. The COs worked some techie magic and it was fixed!
  8. Exactly the same has happened has happened with mine, tonight.
  9. Gone down to 65534, now.
  10. 64x1024=65536
    0 to 65535 inclusive of 0 = 65536

    Hmm, seems like a count variable's max field size value is being copied into the inbox count variable's object.value.

    God I am a geek. :D
  11. It's 65535 when I've one new message and 65534 when I've no new messages ...... if that bu99ers up your theory.
  12. I have the same problem 65534 new messages showing. I should be sooooooooo lucky :wink:
  13. Bad CO

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    The reason for this is really "simple" - the field in our database that tells us how many messages you've got is only allowed numbers from 0 to 65,535. Sometimes the site misses or double accounts when PMs are added or removed which means that you can get out of sync.

    Thus if you had one new PM and the system decided to subtract 2 messages it would go .... ok 1 minus 1 = 0, then 0 minus 1 = 65,535.

    Of course solving this problem is the tricky thing! We can do it for individuals (but its a v low priority) but not across the site ......
  14. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    These should now all be fixed again. I will periodically do this as until the software is fixed it will happen again.
  15. Thank you, Good CO.