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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Adam_und_steve, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. Hello there guys, I was just after a bit of advice.
    I went down to my recruitment office the other day, just enquiring into joining the army, they took my height and weight and it came to the concluison that i need to lose 2 stone. So my question is, What types of food would be best to eat to lose that much weight in maby 3-4 weeks(if possible?), Plus i go runing 5 days a week and a couple of days down the gym, Sorry it sounds like a dumb question
  2. whats your run time?
  3. Been a few weeks since i done a mile and half, But then it was 10;15
  4. How's your general fitness? BMI scores are useless if you're muscular.
  5. Don't kid yourself that you'll be able to lose two stone in three of four weeks. Theoretically it's possible, but you'd have to book yourself a holiday in Auschwitz or Bergen-Belsen to do it.

    Let me just lay out the mechanics a bit for you:

    Two stone, that's 28 pounds, or around 13 kilos (give or take).
    Each kilo comprises 1,000 grammes.
    Each gramme (of fat) has around ten calories.
    You thus have to get rid of an excess of 130,000 calories.
    You need about 2,500 calories per day, based on average activity.
    If you eat nothing at all, you'll need 52 days of fasting to ditch your two stone.

    That's why losing that much weight in three or four weeks is not really feasible.

  6. Took me 7 months to lose 14Kg on a pretty tight regime.

    Eat lots of fruit, vegetable soup for lunch and a half portion of "normal" (read healthy...fish etc.) dinner.

    Lots of exercise, esp running..........and you'll get there, but not in a few weeks.
  7. Quickest way to lose two stone is to simply saw your head off.

    BMI is always dodgy if you're 'muscular' rather than 'salad-dodging bloater'.

    I honestly found it impossible to lose weight and train up, weighing a stone more than when I started but feeling sh1t loads better.

    Good luck to yer.
  8. My Fitness isnt great, but i would say its improving quite alot, i can go for an 6 mile run with no problems
  9. I think i was pretty Naive to think i could lose 2 stone in 3-4 weeks, Might just have to book that holiday to Auschwitz
  10. Sorry to put the mockers on things a bit there, mucker. There's no reason why you shouldn't lose weight at a steady pace if you stick to a reasonable diet and fitness regime. I just didn't want to leave you striving for a totally unrealistic goal, that's all.

  11. No problem Bugsy, i really appreciate what you put, I just wasnt to sure what types of food to eat, My problem is that i will do really well on the fitness side of things but let myself down on just easting sh*te
  12. PM'd you.
  13. Your answer is right there...........stop eating shite (no cake, no biscuits, no chocolate etc.). You'll be surprised how quickly it comes off.
  14. Another solution is to go and do some serious hill-walking for at least two weeks. Maybe walk the Pennine way - and then go back the other way again.

    Its much easier to sustain walking day in day out rather than, say, a three hour high intensity daily gym workout. You'll burn maybe 4-5k calories per day (especially in this weather!), and if you stick to some healthy rations and keep away from the shops, your fat loss should exceed your muscle gain quite considerably. Oh, and you'll be tabbing fit as well - useful when you join up.
  15. Yer, i needed to lose a bit of weight after xmas, i just carried on my normal running/gym work (which had suffered slightly) and decided id cut out anything like Cans of pop, chocolate and try to eat a bit more healthily, ive lost 7lb in 2 weeks so little changes do go a long way. I feel loads better in myself as well, its amazing what all that sh1t in Cola does to you. Keep at it and dont just crash the weight off, that can cause problems!