2 Sqn 21 Sig Regt

Doe's anyone know what happened to 2 Sqn 21 Sig Regt when they moved from germany, 2 Sqn used to be the harrier support signal squadron???
didnt they they become 220 Sig Sqn of 21 Sig Reft (AS) with L troop being Laarbruch (harrier), H troop was Bruggen (Tornado) K Troop was Wildenrath (Phantom) and G Troop was Guttersloh (Harrier) also O Troop was at laarbruch but were all rad ops and handbags...

all other troops were Telemechs..

No the troops listed above formed 3 Squadron which was 4 mainly Telemech troops one at each Airfield as mentioned above but as well as O troop at Laarbruch for operators there was N troop for mechs like its sister troops at Wildernrath, Bruggen and Gutersloh.

However K Troop at Wildenrath was the full of the most professional and best looking mechs.

Strange I started a Wildenrath 15 years ago as my first posting and now find my self back there with a lot of changes unfortunately
Anyone intrested you can still fly to Laarbruch but it is now civil and known as Niederhein - Dusseldorf, budget flights such as Ryan Air, might be handy for anyone flying over for the Corp Dinner in Oct
:? Hey don't forget J Tp 21 Sig Regt, was based at Gutersloh and then Scarborough Bks in Osnabruck. J and I Tp were support helicopter troops for both 230 Sqn (Puma) and 19 Sqn (Chinook). We moved to Wildenrath to the RHQ in 1987 and formed 4 Sqn (I think). What happend after that is a mystery to me - but J Tp were 21 Sig Regt !
depends how far back you want to go? :lol:
2 sqn were all based at Wildenrath as stated. harrier support in mid70's -mid 80's anyway we shared hanger 7 with 1 sqn as a nice enclosed carpark for a few years. away from everything..highlight of the day was waiting for the "mally"wagon :lol:
Dunno wot happened to 'em but I had the best time of my life at Wilders after we moved from Osnatraz!

"TN37 can't live with 'em can't communicate without 'em!"
Good ol Wilders Nov 85-Sept 88. What a place for my first post. Nice little girls in crappy blue uniforms, but by hack they wanted it. The Mallie, Eng Inn, Train Bar (21 Sigs), Police Bar (Scum). Loads of fights with Pea Brained Rock Apes. Even one of our Guys petrol bombed the Snow Drop accn, he got caught and went down like a lead balloon. Best posting ever. 8)

I recall how we took our beers outside onto the lawn and watched and giggled helplessly as they scuttled in and out of their block whilst it burned.

And their joy when I went to their accommo after I did over Kid Curry and ended up with 7 days for it...

D'ye remember that big daft Rock who only ever drank in the NAAFI? He was a big daft brummie but a good lad?

Tim Knowles
just for your info 2sqn moved to colerne, near bath, with 21 sigs. The sqn was mainly ptarmigan and moved up to york to become part of 2 Sigs. :roll:
Left in 87 just before I troop went to Wilders.Best unit I ever served with.Staffie was Billy H,friendliest bunch of blokes to spend time with.Went past Scarborough Bks,Oznatraz years ago,guard Room still there but I think its a college now.Did not go in,too many memories to cope with.
Jesus - almost 6 years to the day since the last post on this thread!
Still got my Disbandment plaque on the wall! 31 March 1992.
Anybody else out there.There must be at least 5 or 6 who can remember that far back without a yellow handbag to help."Challanger" who are you.
I was L Troop, 3 Sqn. In 1991 after moving up to Laarbruch from Wilders on the back of Gulf 1. 21 went back UK side, and L Troop became, 220 Sig Sgn some time in early '92. Downhill from there for most of us I'm sad to say, as there were too many 'serious' grown ups who were out to stamp on our old L,O and N troop japes and were mood hoovers. I'm not a Mech by the way but at was just as good looking. Best posting as a junior rank by far; Mick K was out Troop Staffie, Dave W, was OC Tp at L Troop.

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