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2 Sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by acsnet83, Dec 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi i'm posted to 2 sigs and was just wondering what the unit is upto at the moment, are there any tours penciled in? many thanks
  2. good for you :wink:
  3. Most units have devices known as telephones which enable you to speak directly to a person albeit over a distance.

    Try speaking to your SQMS etc and ask them you bone idle tool.

    Merry Xmas.
  4. i had three really good years there, good location, york great on the p***, leeds close by. the work was pretty good, i think the work load is very similar to 7, 16 and 22 at the moment, same sort of operational commitment too. so probably on tour soon, (most likley not iraq, considering recent developments).
  5. And both QM's are good lads
  6. Excellent posting. York is top for going on the urine. Lots of College/Uni types wanting to be cun recepticles.
  7. I really enjoyed my time at York. Spent 3 years there, and did a couple of tours away.

    There are normally plenty of local exercises and overseas bits and bobs that happen. They currently have a squadron in Iraq and Kuwait, as well as (i still believe) Spearhead responsabilities. Work within the regiment is steady, and the lads are a great bunch!

    There are LOADS of things to do in the town, apart from getting on the urine. With 365 pubs though, im sure you'll make the most of it! Just remember that there are lots of other activities there and in the surrounding area. Leeds is just down the road, and is also a brilliant night out.
    My advice...get to Jumbos, all you can eat Chinese, followed by Nags head and then Reflex, and finish off in Gallery necking off with a student bird. just make sure its York uni and not York St Johns. Only a 5 minute walk across the back field, rather than a 40 minute walk through town!
  8. 2 Sigs is a excellent unit, it is pretty much a mirror image of 30 Sigs and fulfils a similar role(s) and tour cycle.

    Since you will be in the stores I guess it will be pretty much up to your boss what trawls/Ops/jollies he will let you go on since unless it is a full depolyment the QM's wont deploy enmass, if your FE and a good lad you can and will go anywhere.

    The social side has been covered and it is as good as they say. Make the most of your posting and enjoy yourself!

    Edit for spelling mongness