2 Sigs york!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by nfwebs, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Any information on 2 Sigs in york? IE: what the accommodation is like and the night life?

  2. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

  3. Good Location!

    Acommodation is crap!!
  4. Bit dodgy in the town centre if you are Scottish
  5. I was there 94-98 and can honestly say it was outstanding. I really did not want to leave.
    The accommodation was a bit poor but was being upgraded when I left.
    The city centre is great on the lash, had more than my share of fun. Woken up in many strange bedrooms, panicking about getting back and trying to get a taxi to pick me up so I could get my arrse to work on time.
    The only bad point is that there were a few throbbers around but they will have moved on by now.
    Over all, a busy but good posting. If you have it, you should enjoy it.
  6. Still shoot them with arrows from the city walls? :D
  7. Was there for my last year and the city is great for pubs/clubs, lots of young ladies who were obliging...
    There were allot of Throbmeisters there, but the accom was good - after the refurb.
  8. yeah 2 Sigs is my first posting in Jan
    i did have 3 div but had it changed thanks for all the info.
  9. Nice posting, brilliant on the p1ss, accommodation not too bad...don't listen to the whingers though, more than likely they have already signed off and want to get the hell out.
  10. :D the place is F'ing great, i love it, the night life starts only 300m away and a mile is town, work hard play harder ( not that i would know how to work hard )

    its FAB :D :D :D
  11. Yay! We love the Fully. Jewboy, get some Herrick action in!
  12. Cow

    Cow LE

    The fully... in need of being decorated.... Good start point though! My local is currently my hotel :cry:
  13. No OP herrick for me CS i have the unfortunate task of OP veritas, its a tought break but im sure i'll get over it :)

    Thats another great thing about 2 Sigs they send to far and distant lands, and give you free money for it as well... ...i love the army and the army loves me :) LOL
  14. US f***ing A? Damn your eyes. :x Doing an IT system administrator role in Florida sounds a right nightmare - you must be gutted!
  15. Jewboy couldn't turn a PC on let alone run a system!