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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by QinetiQ, Aug 22, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone know if there are any empty quaters on the bray road area of the quaters at York???
  2. Do you use morse with that spelling? (Do you kiss your mother with that mouth pun...)
  3. Q2 - go here and ask the good people at HIVE if they know anything that may help?
  4. i think they are full, there are some in strensall
  5. what's a quater?
  6. isn't it near kuwait
  7. No it's those things on the moon isnt it?
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    You should ask for one in Broadway grove because they are superb !!!!
    if you where all as quick with your exams as you with your keyboard none of you would be in the Army would you!!!

    I dont mind where as long as its in York around the barracks not strensall.

    Cheers anyway

    extra thanks for the Sarcasm
  10. There's quite a few about 6 or 7, if your're a single mother this enhances your chances immensly!!
  11. Oh...you're - like - TOTALLY welcome. No,honestly.

    (hard to do sarcasm on the keyboard :wink:)

    Apparently the black, one-legged, single parent, lesbian hermaphrodite dwarves are all housed in IS Ski Geek's street and love having noisy chav parties till stupid o'clock. Well they did until he went all webcamtastic and got medieval on their asses. I think that sounds wierd enough that I can stop now and leave it to the imagination.