2 Sigs Bde rumours?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. Not had a lot for a while, but.....

    33, 34 and 35 to join 2 Sig Bde?

    Regiments and/or Bde to disband????

    2 Sig Bde = 1 x Reg Sig Sqn
  2. They might as well as 12 Sig Gp is undermanned, underfunded, and under the cosh.

    Don't think there's any disbanding going on given (as far as I understand it) the TA is a bit short of men anyway. Less units would mean less men.

    New SOinC will sort it out.

    .... is that the smell of flintlock sparking?
  3. Maybe not for TA, we have a large number of RHQ's/HQ Sig Sqn's compared to the number of Sig Sqns.

    I'm not sure of the thinking behind the rumours I heard, I'd guess its related to regional bdes having a closer relationship with its Brigade Close Support Signal Squadron (I enjoy the 15 Bde weekends, so I would support that)
  4. Yes, well, they might be OK but not much use on LSDI
  5. LSDI???
  6. thought 33,34 and 35 were now part of 1 sig bde hence the week in germany to work with our new friends at 16 and 7. Or am I mising something obvious? wouldn't be the first time
  7. Its rumour, the old Bde comd wanted all TA Sigs under his command
  8. Large Scale Deliberate Interventions (LSDI)
    or as google came up with Lubombo Spatial Development Initiative
  9. i'm at 35 and our hq sqn has been renamed supply sqn on orders from 1 sig bde, (not sure why).
    I was under the impression that our role going forward will be too support the reg regt's in whatever they do. i.e herrick/telic etc etc
    2 bde has a different mission to us. I don't see what is to be gained from having us all together.
  10. Moving you to 2 Sig Bde means you get to work with the same kit regulars use e.g. CISCO routers, switches, Satelite, AIRWAVE, BOWMAN etc
  11. yawn!

    Airwave - mobile 'phone
    Bowman - TA version is a 349
    CISCo - seen them at work
    switches - telephone exchange
    satellite - watch it every night at home
  12. Whats the point of 2(NC) full stop??

    There doesn't seem to be a requirement to do "national comms" and we don't have the assets.

    Its been covered on a different thread, but BOWMAN for NC role??

    Who thinks this stuff up, really?

  13. people who don't know what they're doing.
  14. Moving you to 2 Sig Bde means you get to work with the same kit regulars use e.g. CISCO routers, switches, Satelite, AIRWAVE, BOWMAN etc[/quote]

    Surely we can work on that kit in 1 bde, they do have 3 regular sig regt's in it with all the above mentioned kit. I was under the impression were going to use all this kit in the foreseeable future anyway. Except Airwave it's just a mobile phone, I already have one of those.
  15. I believe thats still the case