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2 Signal Squadron (dundee)

hey guys

looking for some more information about 2 signals squadron (dundee)? #

away up to see them on tuesday to have a look around

Don't worry about it, you'll find out, but to give you a heads up once all your paperwork is completed, you have your army number(newstyle?)& you've done a week end with your unit, this is known as TAFS1, TA Foundation Scheme, you'll get taken to , the Phase 1 Recruit(you) Training Wing of the Regional Training Cente (us)for a TAFS2 week end.

This involves more drill lessons, lessons about Values & Standards of the British Army & some PT. Namely the Risk Reduction Run of 2.4km in under 13mins 45 seconds!

Enjoy, it's fun.
ferry_loon said:
I also here that they have a great fitness programe, particularly on a Saturday Night.

We have good mix of work and play. More to the point, we have a lot of excellent people.

PM me if you want to know more.[/quote]
J** W******s still has the facial hair but we dont have as many sex parties as we used to, lol.
The only guy I remember who had a slight stutter joined 23.

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