2 Sig Bde Training Newsletter

Well their isn't one but have a look at 40 Signals Regiments ArmyNet website and have a gander at theirs, pretty good. A lot of the info is applicable to most NC regiments.
Am I alone in thinking " What the f*ck are you on ?"

Lets all think up some threads refering to imaginary concepts..


"The 22 SAS Needlepoint and Embroidery Forum"

" The British National Party outreach group"

"The 40 Sig Regt Communications masterclass"
Trossachs said:
Am I alone in thinking " What the f*ck are you on ?"
You mean, I'm in a Sigs unit and use modern methods for disseminating information or do you think newsletters are so 90's and info needs to be published in the public domain i.e. ARRSE.
They've got quite a good set up there. I'm currently running a similar scheme for my Squadron just simply to improve communication lines from top to bottom. Definately a good idea if you can keep everyone up to date with what is going on.
My comment was simply aimed at the title of your thread - If you wanted to point folk towards 40 Regts website and indicate that it was jolly good then crack on. what was the point of mentioning a non-existant 2 NC Bde newsletter ? If it was just to grab attention then you would probably have reached a bigger audience by titling the thread "Mega Jinormous Big Knockers"

Sorry don't see your point? The newsletter contains dates of 2 Sig Bde trade training camps, info about 2 Sig Bde workbooks, 32, 38 and 40 BOWTAT - so the intended audience was across the Bde.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't want to make posts about TA Sigs on this site.

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