2 sig bde training camp 12 -22 jan

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bullet-magnet, Jan 8, 2006.

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  1. is anyone going on the training camp in glasgow on 13 to 22 jan or is it just me. and ive got to go all the way from suffolk how bone.
  2. Yeah! It's tough in the TA.
  3. No but I'd be interested to hear whats being taught (I've just learned majority of our NCRS are being put into storage), presume your doing ICS Op?
  4. Well, if it is "just you" then it won't be a terribly exciting, interesting or challenging experience will it? Better check the weather forecast to see how many of your comrades are likley to turn up. May be a tad chilly in January methinks.
  5. yeah, its not as if any Jock in the armed forces ever had to travel long distance :lol:
  6. I know there are others going from your Sqn - have you contacted them?
    What's the big deal about travelling from Suffolk?
  7. As far as I know it's in Edinbourgh. The courses run are Sys Eng Tech, ICS Ops, ED and driver training. Pm me for more info.
  8. Many hours travelling, I thought the normal place for trade camps was ok for all (Sywnerton - middle of the UK), just needed some investment in better training facilities and accomodation. Edinburgh is very good but a little too close to town to keep the students from partying every night.
  9. Low cost airlines from that well known Essex backwater known as Stansted. Job's a good'un. I'll wager that any Suffolk based TA signaller will get there quicker than slogging up to Swynerton via white fleet

    You need to look at the Trade Training locations that have just been promulgated for three 2 (NC) Bde training camps this year.
  10. Which as I understand it are now based in three centres to split the UK into three logical chunks.

    Bullet Magnet and other keenies can travel (and get trade pay earlier), more tortoise like volunteers can wait and go to their nearest one.
  11. im looking forward to it anyone done this want to tell me what to exspect. any hints i need or stuff.
  12. I do love my new job, :lol: Is this a permanent thing. I really hope Edinburgh isn't one of them, its bloomin miles away (and I'm from the 'Northern' most English signal regiment), Blandford doesn't take much more time to get to from my location.
  13. What trade course are you doing? Have you spoken to your muckers about this? Or your Tp SNCO/YofS/FofS/PSI? You can PM me and we can talk about it if you wish.

    From what I heard from the last trade camp held at Donnington, everyone had a good time, worked hard and did well. Go with a open mind and a willingness to learn and you won't go wrong. And don't be afraid to ask questions!
  14. im doing ICS Op me thinks. sorry to sound stupid. the one where u deal with H/F sets
  15. I have in front of me a freshly printed copy of RSTOs for the Class 3 ICS Op (UK Ops) trade. As I said PM me if you have specific enquiries. However, you should be covering:

    Info Security
    Manipulative Skills
    Deployment of Comms Installations (that includes HF/VHF dets amongst others)
    Radio Communications Skills
    Detachment Duties

    All that and 2 weeks in Edinburgh? Bargin!