2 Sig Bde in Flooded areas!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ragnar, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. Shock horror

    They were there and not in small numbers, in fact an entire regiment was in the area.

    Greatful civilians welcomed these troops and the help they would provide, but then a micra car bravely navigated the remaining obstacle. The leading convoy followed on, leaving at the remaining stranded civilians bemused.

    On the plus side, some of the cut off convoys had some land rovers (luxury eh?), which they used to help rescue a cut off policeman.

    Also they took many pictures of floods for future powerpoint presentations.
  2. However, wrong it may sound, sometimes I wish something would happen in my area so we could get called out and save some life etc... I hope that doesnt make me a bad person :)
  3. Of course the fact that the MOD will only be called upon as a last resort, and the fact that we have no statutory requirement to assist, and the fact that we only help in MACC (Cat A) circumstances unprompted is fairly irrelevant.

    Our official role this weekend was exactly what it should have been - nothing at all. We are not the flood rescue service, the blue light teams are pretty swept up now and if we're called in then it means things have gone badly wrong. I am grateful that we didnt need to call out the TA as it shows that the Emergency services had it sorted.
  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Mate, if you want to see action in the TA then volunteer for an Operational Tour. If you want to help out your local community, you can join either the Special Constabulary, RayNet or St John's Ambulence as they are specifically designed for community level assistance.
  5. I want sometihng to happen so I can get away from work for a few hours - does that make me a bad person? :twisted:
  6. RP578

    At least we are supporting our country not somebody elses.
  7. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Not according to your first post it would seem. Well, apart from giving a lift to a stranded copper.

    Not knocking disaster relief/assistance to civil powers etc., just don't think that the TA is the place where you're going to a chance to do that. If that's the stuff that really floats your boat, then there are other organisations better suited for you to be a part of.
  8. RP578

    I know what you are getting at mate, I spose I just grew up in a culture where we were used to mobilising civvies to help out in times of need. There wasnt all the legal nonsense, just if IT hit the fan people were called up.

    And yes I have volunteered for a tour, really hoping I pass all the checks and get to go.

  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    Good luck with your tour mate! Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those that thinks Op deployments are the only way to contribute in the TA. The majority of the TA consists of people who train and prepare for a large scale deployment or all out war etc. and/or train an prepare those going out on current Ops. They mostly do a pretty good job of it, all done and told.

    What nobody seems to be doing much of, is disaster relief or assistance to civil powers. I think it would have to be an extremely intense/specific event that would require military assistance and an enduring one that would require a call out of reserves. Hence my advice to look at other Orgs if that's the sort of thing you want to do.

    p.s. When and where you off to mate? If you're down at RTMC later this year you'll see a mass of Riflemen mobbing for Herrick 10. I'll be somewhere in that mass - likely puffing at the back!
  10. [RANT]

    I must say I think it is pity there is all the legislation about calling out soldiers to help the government. There is probably a good reason, but for us to be called out it has had to have gone really really wrong. Its something about the government should have the capacity to deal with things, so to call us out shows they are lacking in some way.

    IMHO, citizen soldiers are a great resource and should be used more often. I grew up in Africa, and over there our people were used to being ready to mobilise for anything. It all goes back to the settler militias being ready to defend themselves and their farmsteads. I grew up with that mindset and suppose that all the red tape here seems a bit stifling sometimes, when all I want to do is jump into my greens and go fill sandbags to help out.


    ...and relax :)

    P.S. RP578 God willing I will be off to RTMC in January 09 to deploy Apr 09. Nothing fancy like Herrick but still a tour utilising my skillset :) Enough said.
  11. From the looks of it, your skill set is very limited. Where's your tour going to be? Bognor Regis?
  12. THe reason we don't like to encourage the use of the military in disasters is because the local authorities see us as the disaster response force of choice. If they know they can pick up the phone and get the army in, then the chances are that they'll neglect to fund their own disaster management plan and assume "the army will be there". The reality is that we haven't got the forces or capabilities to guarantee provision, so on the day, if we didnt turn up then people could be screwed.

    Our policy is simple - we are a last resort, when all else has failed. We will charge for our services and we don't come cheap. The only exception to this is MACC (Cat A), which is the immediate threat to life when we can intervene.
  13. Devil's advocate here;

    But didn't two people die in the recent flooding, wouldn't that count as a immediate threat to life? In order to stop local authorities claiming a freebie under MACC (cat A) I think you would have to stipulate something like 'threat of large loss of life'.

    My bold
  14. MACC Cat A is literally the case that you have a car crash outside your barracks, or a fire breaks out or something similar. I have heard of some longer incidents being classed as Cat A, but that was more political.

    All you need to know is in JDP2-02, found on the Internet.
  15. So if anybody did rescue anybody please put them back where you found them and no more will be said...