2 Sig Bde disbanding

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. Thought I'd spread the news that this Bde goes after the Olympics next year .....
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  2. and 38 Sig Regt are getting the polar bear as its reggie flash ..... because 2-3 Sqns (64, 46 and 41) out of the regiment have worn the flash in the past...... :)
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  3. I think it's already been mentioned briefly in the Sigs forum in the SOinC letter post.
  4. Yep read it on that forum... and it's Bde HQ only that's going. No rumours on regimental HQ's at the moment.
  5. all gone //
  6. Ahh,, someone as seen sense at last!!!!
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  7. I think this explains why we have been marking time since ptarmigan went.
  8. Surely you must have seen it coming there and then, and not needed an explanation?

    No clear role on Ops, and no clear role in the UK either? Ta ta!
  9. Multi-role brigades...

    I was hoping the thread would be 38 Signal Regiment being disbanded....
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  10. They've been marking time since they left Malta Bks in '88!

  11. Much as it must suck to be in that situation anyone who couldn't see the writing on the wall is probably not cut out for a transfer to MI. If you did though, why not consider it ? Opportunities beyound your wildest dreams await. Just leave the obsessions with badges and ******* the troops around for no reason behind.
  12. It justified itself doing a job an RHQ or maybe even a Sqn HQ could do. It beggars belief how many people it takes to get an FFR out the door. This undermined it's role not the role of TA RSigs.

    TA RSigs have proved themselves, e.g. proved they could function as Bde Sig Sqn (from a sig regt) in a hybrid reg/TA formation which I believe could function is post conflict reconstruction phase or on UK Ops. - why this was abandoned two years latter for another crappy UK Ops exercise.

    As for support for regular RSigs on Ops, again this can be questioned. A perfectly simple plan to train TA RSigs to a class 3 reg standard has failed to come to fruition - I'm still in despair at BOWMAN training being held to a very basic level.

    If I'm more cynical, I'd have to question why the 'TA' Sig Bde is going and the two regular ones remain. Does this mean a reduction in TA Staff officer posts and maintaining regular ones at a similar level?
  13. i thought 38's badge was a bolt of lightening?
  14. ^That was prior to the 49 Signal Regiment take over
  15. MI can offer me a super size hot tub populated with the 50 contendors for Miss Italy?

    Rai Uno - Miss Italia - Le Finaliste

    Ooh, thats hard, too hard for RSignals... more chance of going UKSF(V).

    Its more than likely been answered elsewhere but whats the deal on rank with transfers though... are they kept?