2 Sig Bde Crimbo quiz

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. Big change about to happen next year. Any guesses what it is?

    Not that its happened about five times already since I joined a 2 Sig Bde regt in 2003
  2. Perhaps the Royal Corps' STABs finest will be working as a team, pulling in the same direction, getting fitter by other means than running their mouths off and practicing their combat skills other than stabbing each other in the back!

    Perhaps this could set a trend in the rest of the Royal Corps......

    Merry Christmas Scalies :D
  3. I'm no expert, but how about:

    1. Everybody in the NC Regiments will suddenly realise that their primary role is to provide ICS support to a UK based mission, and no amount of platoon attacks is going to make them any better at it?

    2. People in a position of authority realise that their appointment means more than just swanning around the TAC not doing a lot. Or indeed realising that authority doesn't mean that the rules don't apply to them.

    3. A complete reorganisation of the trade structure in order to bring all trades in to line with the regulars, thus making it slightly easier to use TA soldiers once mobilised?

    4. People will stop talking about how to make things better and actually step up to the mark and implement change, because Tuesday night chat clubs just aren't that effective.

    5. The obvious one of the impact of the review of the reserves and how it will impact on the (V) element of the Corps, nah you couldn’t be talking about that, it would be too obvious. So, what’s the int?

    If I'm too far off the mark, you'll have to give a clue.
  4. 2 (No Comms) Signal Brigade is plundered for Infantry reroling, leaving a mere troop in each Regional command with some airwaves, thus removing the incoherent functional command structure and inserting the final nail in the CCRF facade?
  5. How about this one?

    We all realise that the last few years were "just a Dallas style dream sequence"..........

    And 2 (NC) Bde were in fact a worthwhile part of the British Army?

    On second thoughts...... nahhhhh
  6. Wow, an entire troop just to provide the RF Bde Comd and COS with menthol fresh breath, and clear sinuses.

    I'll get my coat.
  7. I like the way this is going, does it meant that in the morning I'm going to find every member of FANY in my shower! I'd best have one before I get my head down tonight, the queue is going to be unbelievable.
  8. Best hope you don't wake up lad, have you SEEN the ladies of the FANY?
  9. Worse still, have you seen the fannies of the ladies of FANY :twisted:
  10. Yeh havin a larf. What next???? IS Eng trade in mainstream TA units - next year .... erm sorry I meant CS Eng
  11. They will be re rolled as the dad’s army for a Xmas special!

    aaaaaaahhhhhh wasn’t DALLAS great wish the memories of 2NC where just as fond !
  12. Gentleman, it's never been said that my standards are that high! I'm sure that there's nothing that a small amount of pelvic grooming couldn't rectify (albeit possibly with a lice comb). :wink:

    Well that's what a little bird tells me. Anyway, you started this thread, what's your int or are you waiting till Christmas day?
  13. Interesting. As I've just joined the gang I'm wondering about the changes.
  14. Are you interested in possible changes to the trade structure, or changes to the structure of the Bde? You'll probably pick up an awful lot of conjecture about wider restructuring if it is to take place. However there is definately a review of the trade structure in order to provide commonality across the Corps.