2 scots- Herick 13

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cage88, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. hello guys, can anyone help me please, im in 7 scots and im going to be deployed in october herick 13, im either going with 2 scots or 5 scots but im going to ask to be deployed with 2 scots.

    can anyone tell me who they are taking over from?
    where they are going to be situated?
    any other info about this tour would be great thanks.
  2. Ask your Training Major, or your PSI.

    You should be getting regular updates on the PDT weekends though :?
  3. PDT is sooooooo last year its now MST Daaarling
  4. Ask the Tally Wallys...they seem to have more of an idea of who is where ;)

    Good luck by the way...where are you from?
  5. ha! good luck.................. a lifetime ago I was 5SCOTS and was sent to serve with 2SCOTS....... whoever you end up with you'll be just fine - can't think of two better battalions I'd rather be with when bad things happen. Pity the bloody Tallies though.
  6. I can..4 scots ;)

    "Cuidich 'n Righ"
  7. that's a wee bit embarrassing.............. how do I explain this. I'm so old I thought 5SCOTS were QO HLDRS, now HIGHLANDERS. I was never an Argyll! Anyway, I'd heard the HIGHLANDERS were due there soon and assumed, perhaps wrongly, that our chum was referring to them; perhaps he's got his numbers mixed up just like me.

    Whatever, he'll be in good company whichever Bn he serves with.

    Caber Feigh gu Brath!
  9. :p

    4 scots, The Highlanders have a little QOH blood, a little Gordons, a little Cameron blood too :)

    As you say...the whole lot are damn good.

    7 Scots is what used to be 51st Highland Volunteers, then 3rd Battalion, The Highlanders.....hence wondering where he is from as he maybe a local lad.
  10. Get a grip Bumper was it another business lunch in the City, you were Blue mafia, as to age you sir were pissed!
    I do agree though whatever Bn you are with you will be well looked after in Theatre although not sure about R&R!
  11. dinnae forget the Seaforth................... or these lads of course who have blazed the trail, http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=110362/postdays=0/postorder=asc/start=0.html
  12. it was.................. a most agreeable lunch!
  13. 4 SCOTS?

    Who'd be the RSM, RQMS or Adjt?