Discussion in 'RAC' started by patroltrace, Oct 25, 2005.

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  3. Better that 1 RTR

  1. Am due to be working with them soon - what are they like??
  2. They are a pretty good unit , very good on the old Panzers , they do think they are an ''Elite'' unit and like to tell you. On the whole a good bunch with stacks of moral, a good rugby team and plenty of SQN bars .
  3. Take it from someone that was in 2RTR and has done a tour with 1RTR, Fine Regt and Better that 1 RTR choices in the poll should be one answer.
  4. To be fair it has been a while since i served with this fine regiment but my brother left not so long ago and according to him all was still well with 2 RTR , a great bunch of guys , the current RSM(so im led to believe from the tankies i come into contact with) was a cpl in BADGER SQN when i was in (Fally and Bovington and Fally again though that was post amalgamation)and was as mad as a hatter then(hi F*****e H if your reading this say hi to FROG and MONKEY if there still there) so i can only imagine how much fun the mess must be , though im sure he must have become a little more sensible now , from friends who have been serving in Fally in a snco post (REME , AMS ) and been lucky enough to work with 2RTR have nothing but good things to say and some are even sad to leave
  5. Was with them from move to Fally in '92 and left '03. Great Regt and better characters..
  6. Isn't the current RSM Glen?

    How I enjoyed getting slapped by Monkey when I joined Badger in Bovi. I am sure it was affection...

  7. 2 RTR the best tank regiment to join then? (waiting for my application form)

    going out to Germany end of next year aren't they? any idea how long for?
  8. Quality regiment, my father served 27 years with them. They have always had good characters in the regiment.
  9. It was a 2RTR bloke who suggested I change my unpronounceable Irish name to "Obnoxious Jock Git". Thanks Chris C*****. :lol:
  10. They have been in Germania since 92 mate.
  11. I stand corrected re current RSM , ******* H is , if what i was told is true the equivalent at the gunnery school in Lulworth sorry to all for the duff info(and if this is still wrong then more apologies)
  12. I was out here this year with Monkey. Also bumped into the new RSM to be (a certain ginger cockney) lol.
    Since being in Cyprus have met many faces from the regt or those who were attached.

    Gaz 'K' was a crafty in 93?now a Tiffy in Akrotiri.
    Steve 'Abbo' VM Opfor 95
    Danny 'D' SSA Sgt. 00?
  13. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    2 RTR, great Regiment, know what they are doing on panzers and morale is pretty good at the moment. Not a place for bringing your ideals of granduer because they will take the pi$$ completely in the Sqn bars. PAYD has hit it, so if you are going into either of the messes then standby to be disappointed. Fortunately, not a reflection on 2 RTR but merely of the contract. SCOTS DG and 1 HLDRS suffer the same.

    On the down side, Fally is pretty bleak, but if you bother your arrse then you can do a lot. Berlin is good, Hamburg is fun and you can get skiing in the Harz during the weekends in Winter. What more do you want?

    Also good news, nowhere to shop for the birds!!! Bonus!

    Finally, if you are going now, be prepared to be told that you are off to Tidworth next year and then be disappointed as they have said that since 1998!!!!!!

    Good Luck.
  14. Think I would rather be in Fally (ah The Copper Kettle) than Tidworth.

    Hamburg, Hanover, Saltau Salt Baths, Bomlitz Pool and Walsrode to name but a few places to occupy your occupation.
  15. You forgot the main place to be...The 'Pink House'
    Now that is a quality night, only if your single of course and I'm not so I wouldn't know!!

    You could do far worse than joining the 'Cockney Farmers'. I think everyone whose had input on this topic has hit the nail on the head.