2 RTR Vid

the origonal one has linkin park playing it also dont show the cravv towing the challi everywhere
I'm a bit behind the times, being Chieftain/Challenger 1 trained, but do we still have to ram vent tubes? Or have I given myself away as an old fart?
Auto Loader? Lol, I am behind the times 8O It was hard enough keeping the wagon going as it was, without something else to break down :)
boilinthebag said:
Harvo said:
nice mate i'm going AFC Harrogate in Sept. and then joining 2RTR
I didnt know harrogate had a football team! Which league do they play in ?
Nationwide North Division...went out in the play offs to get into the vauxhall conference :cry:
I asked my missus during Eastenders, and she said “yeah, whatever”. As she knows everything, that’s pretty conclusive.

If anybody can spot a number plate, then that would help.
Falcon, 2 RTR has just made a couple of new vids........not yet on the public forums though. Maybe soon though as they are just getting edited.
If ya interested drop me a pm as were gonna knock them out pretty cheap. About a fiver posted i think for both vids on a dvd.

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