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Discussion in 'RAC' started by Hitch, Nov 21, 2005.

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  1. Right, getting a bit of theme going on here, but I'm doing some serious but amateur historical research into various barracks/facilities used by BAOR/BFG but originally built for and used by the Wehrmacht. Fallingbostel was a Truppenuebungsplatz training areas built before the war. Getting pre-1945 imagery Fallingbostel is proving difficult, already tried the Militaria forum, but no joy...

    I am told that there is/was a very comprehensive museum in the Fallingbostel Station Barracks housing 2 Royal Tank Regiment containing a very comprehensive pictorial and regimental history of the Barracks from the days they were built, throughout the war and post-war years. In consultation and the cooperation of the local ex- panzer veterans there are also many artifacts from the same period. The status of the museum is unclear to me since I am informed that 2 RTR has or will be arms plotting to the UK. Can anyone confirm this?

    Would anyone otherwise have any information on Fallingbostel up to 1945? Cold War is not in my research area unfortunately.
  2. 2 RTR have been due to move to Tidworth every year for the last 5 years. Currently they are due in either 2006/7/8. Of course they might just stay in fally forever seeing as they can't seem to stay away from the place.
  3. A guy called Pup Greenhalgh was the 'curator' of this. He spent hours digging around Lumsden Bks looking for Nazi stuff, and found hundreds of it. Ring 2RTR and enquire about his whereabouts, I think he may have settled in the Fally area, he would help no doubt.
  4. Ah good old Pup. I remember him digging everywhere. Top bloke.
  5. Can anyone PM me some contact details? No longer in...
  6. You'll find him on the front gate. I'm surprised they let him stand there armed after his stint as an 'arms smuggler.' LOL
  7. Yes....I do remember something about that!
  8. As do I.
  9. Just left 2RTR on a posting but I can confirm that the museum is there - it's very good indeed and Pup is definately still around. Regt due to move back to Tidworth 2007 and it is looking increasingly more likely.

    (Therefore I fully expect to head back out there in 2008 when my posting is finished...)
  10. Hitch mate can confirm the 2RTR Museum is still going strong, you will need to go to the guard room and have a chat with the 'Jock' provo Sgt. But if you only need info on Fally up to 1945 there ain't much in there - Pup took it when he left as he had either dug it up or aquired it from the locals. he is still about, works as a security guard on camp, had a chat with him only last night!
  11. As a qualified historian and as a former crewman having served with RH and stationed in Fallingbostel (84/88) I am both surprised and dissapointed to learn that there was a museum documenting Fallingbostel's pre and post-war history and missed the opportunity to see this. Nonetheless, if it is serious history you are indeed after can I suggest that obvious resources such as the Imperial War Museum and the Tank Museum at Bovingdon have extensive archival evidence that would be able to provide you with such information. Additional resources also include Buckingham University and Oxford Brookes University that both have extensive History of Arts Departments. Oxford Brookes in particular has the largest archive for the eugenicist experiments performed by the Nazis in Europe. Either way any academic establishment would be more than happy to advise and guide you in providing you with definitive and accurate testimonials rather than anecdotal evidences which would benefit and substantiate your studies.
  12. Nice dormant thread resurrection there. Nearly 7 years old, is this a record, I wonder?
  13. Probably! The museum has morfed into:- Fallingbostel Military Museum
  14. Perhaps..... But that's history for you. The big question is... is did your historical project develop to reveal any new facts?