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Discussion in 'RAC' started by clarkemc, Nov 21, 2006.

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  1. does anyone know who i can contact to get information about 2nd rtr, i sent an email to this address (rhqrtr@btconnect.com) and they said they would send information on the regiment to me but this was about 2weeks ago, ive tried emailing them again but they don't reply i did try to phone them but it seems that it was the wrong number.
    any help would be much appreciated
  2. thanks for that link looks like ill have better luck with the phone number on that website
  3. The 2 R.T.R RRT email address is not working at the moment (unable to access emails)...Try the phone number and leave a message if no-one is in the office :relax: ..
  4. Who is he going to talk to on the end janeio ?
  5. "The Answering Machine" with my lovely hubbys voice on it !!!
  6. good job its not a video conferencing machine cause F**H would frighten him off joining the 2ND ha ha ha
  7. just saw a good pic of the F**H in iraq on line will post it when i get off work today 8)
  8. Hey Clarkemc PM me and I fill you in on all the info you want.
  9. Where is it?
  10. had some trouble taking it off line but its on the web site tankies on the net there are several of the guys in iraq quite good pics just before entering bassra
  11. Here's two of them...

    click photo to enlarge !

  12. If all else fails, ring the army careers office in torquay, there's a 2RTR member in that office - no funny comments re member either Janeio!! :D
  13. the picture that janeio posted was one of the ones on the website i found good picture of F**H.