2 RTR in Munster in the 1970s

Helping the BAOR locations chap, I know 4 RTR were in York Barracks, but which barracks were the 2nd in? who did they replace? and who replaced them?

thanking brother MIB's in anticipation.
swinton, just up road from ratios market.. who replaced us..cant remember the 70s are a great blur,, good time in munster...
Hi new to the site.Iwas 13/18rh in Munster 1970 to 1972 in swinton Bks .2 RTR took over from us about May 72, In York Bks were the 3rd Carabiniers untill they amalgamated with the scots greys to form the RSDGs. 5 skins took over from them in 71, hope this helps ..regards Tony
We, 17th/21st L took over from 9th/12L in Swinton Bks in 80, Handed over to RH in 90/91. Can remember a 2 RTR sign still in place in the squash court by the tank park.

ISTR that the 9/12 took over from us (2RTR) in 1979 when we went off to Omagh. Swinton Barracks and the others in the Loddenheide cluster are now a collection of car showrooms, hypermarkets and offices. The only thing that remains is the Church, which holds a few services each year. Other units with us in Loddenheide were the Hampshires, a field workshops and the AAC with a flight (?) of Scouts.
Hello, i just found this forum and just want to try my luck here. The story ist: I'm 36 years old now and to be honest, I'm looking for my biological dad. I was born in 1976 in Münster and I was told, that my dad used to be in the York Barracks, 2RTR. My mother used to go out with him back then. Her name is Silvia, back then her Surname was Lemke. My dad, again as I was told, should be not to tall, dark till black hair and might have a bit darker skin. If anyone, who was in the army back then and even in 2RTR in Münster, please tell him about me or even give me his name. I nearly had a heart attack about 2 years ago and I just want to get to know him, because now I have realised, that life really be short. Thank you very much for your help, by the way, my name is Michael and i lived in England for about 7 years, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.
4 RTR were in York Barracks, 2 RTR were in Swinton Barracks.
4 RTR were in York Barracks, 2 RTR were in Swinton Barracks.
Unless it was Cambrai, in which case there was a bit of interloping. :-D

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