2 RTR full, KRH information?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Dooley, Oct 3, 2009.

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  1. Hey everyone, to cut a long story short I was wanting to join 2 RTR originally but have found out (just) they are overmanned and closing applications for 12 months which has messed me right up. I now have to choose another regiment as I really can't wait 12 months to get in the Army.

    I have no clue if 1 RTR are full but I was told to look into the Kings Royal Hussars or the Royal Dragoon Guards but I have very little information on them and was wondering are they any good?

    Also I was very interested in moving to the CBRN unit after a few years of service but is that possible from outside the RTR?

    I would be joining as a Tank Crewman (MBT)

  2. I served with 2 RAC regiments. 2RTR from 2004-7 and Scots DGs twice. Having spoken with former 2RTR tankies who are now Scots DG cavalry, 2RTR has deteriated since its move from Fallingbostel to Tidworth. I highly recommend the Scots DGs - fast promotion, 'Stan in 2011, tax perks, great quality of life.
  3. Thanks for that mate, I was wondering though what do you mean deteriated?

    Oh and do you have any opinions on the KRH and Royal Dragoon Guards regiments?

  4. In what sense has 2RTR deteriorated? I'm another 2RTR hopefully and any info would be greatly helpful especially if it would speed up my recruitment time.
  5. KRH very,very good.
  6. Hey mate, as said in the origional post 2 RTR is currently 23% overmanned so they have closed applications for 12 months....BUT if you have family serving in RTR then you may get blood priority, this wont work if family have served previous as my grandad was RTR and that didn'nt get me priority.
  7. Thanks mate, have you had any experience with them or just word of mouth?

  8. Spent a day with KRH at Tidworth a couple of years ago along with a few other ex.Cherrypickers,(11 Hussars).Can't tell you how impressed we all were with KRH.Since then a few KRH have been our guests at various reunions.(OK,I know,I am biased.)You won't be disappointed.Good luck,which ever way you choose to go.
  9. Thanks alot for that mate, much aprishiated.
  10. I served with both KRH and RDG in the late 90's. Both units were just like big, disfunctional families. KRH definitely had more than its fair share of nutters though.
  11. Hahaha sounds fun, when you say nutters do you mean the fun kind or the idiots who spoil all the fun.

  12. So you had a completely un-biased opinion then.....................not! :x
  13. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    It appears that they have gone down hill so fast that they are over manned
    and everyone is trying to get in. :?
  14. I mean the sort who regard eccentricity as a competitive sport.
  15. 1. KRH & RDG are Cavalry, so a no brainer there
    2. RTR are MBT- have you thought about the 5 Formation Recce Regts with CVR(T) - more nipping around and hiding in bushes, which in my unabiased opinion (not) is much more fun.
    3. Black coveralls do not suit everyones eyes/hair.